One Month in, St. Paul Family says Medical Marijuana is Working

Medical cannabis has been legal in Minnesota for a nearly a month and for one family the results are miraculous. Six year-old Pax suffered from at least 100 seizures a day and his mom hoped medical cannabis would help.

“No parent wants to get their kid high, that’s not the goal here,” she told KSTP, “We want to treat Paxton’s seizures and that’s our only intention. That’s it, it’s simple.”

One month later and Pax almost seems like a different child.

“It’s the same kid,” Garin said. “You just get to see, you get to meet him for real this time.”

Since Pax started taking cannabis oil, his seizures have gone from 100 a day to about 50. He also sleeps through the night and takes fewer medications.

Cannabis oil hasn’t cured Pax, but it certainly has improved his quality of life.

“I’m hoping that physicians see that hey, it’s been a month, the sky’s still not falling, maybe we can register more patients,” Pax’s mother Angela Garin said.

The Minnesota Department of Health says it’s too early to tell if medical cannabis has been a success.