Ontario man fighting for medical cannabis access returns to work

A Windsor man who went public last month with his fight to use medical cannabis on the job is back on the job.

Joshua Jacquot left his job at Ventra Assembly last November to cope with his symptoms of anxiety and depression. He went public after confessing to his employer that he was using CBD oil on the job and was not allowed to access his medication “in any form possible” on company property.

Jacquot says he has met with management about returning to work and expects to be back on the job on Wednesday.

“They told me they would have to get a form for my doctor to fill out and that I would have to wait,” he told BlackburnNews.com. “I went to work today, actually. I talked with my human resources department. They said they’re still working on the form.”

Jacquot says he has tried to anti-depressants in the past to control his symptoms but found they didn’t help and was subsequently prescribed medical cannabis by his doctor. He was forced to take time off work in December after a suicide attempt and tried to return in January without the use of CBD oil and found it too difficult.