Paediatric Group Warns Against Treating Children With Cannabis

The Canadian Paediatric Society released a statement today warning parents away from treating their children’s health conditions with medical cannabis.

The group claimed that “evidence is lacking about the overall effect on children.”

Some parents have begun using cannabis, specifically oils, to treat their children’s epilepsy, ADHD, chronic pain or autism.

Author of the release and CPS Drug Therapy and Hazardous Substances Committee chair Dr. Michael Rieder said there isn’t enough evidence to begin using cannabis to treat all children.

“Current considerations around cannabis use for medical purposes in children have been stimulated by recent case reports of its beneficial effect with refractory epilepsy,” said Rieder. “However, there is little data to support either the efficacy or safety of cannabis use for any indications in children, and an increasing body of data suggests possible harm, most importantly in specific conditions.”

The CPS recommended all cannabis treatment for children be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, that childhood smoking of cannabis should never be practiced and all treatment be supervised by a trained professional.