PharmaCielo seeks to minimize environmental impact in Colombia

PharmaCielo Ltd. President and CEO Dr. Patricio Stocker is pleased to announce two key initiatives designed to ensure that all PharmaCielo operations meet the highest global standards of environmental sustainability.

The Global Footprint Network (, a non-profit corporation that advises government, private business and individuals alike on the measurement of their environmental footprint, has been contracted to conduct a study of PharmaCielo operations and establish a biocapacity benchmark against which operations can be measured.

The Global Footprint Network is widely recognized as the world’s leading organization for the quantification of the environmental impact of industries, cities and people.  In operation since 2003, its methodology is based on work conducted by Dr. Mathis Wackernagel in completion of his doctoral dissertation at the University of British Columbia (Canada).

“Mapping the environmental footprint of current and planned operations will provide PharmaCielo with the ability to quantify overall resource demands of all stages of the cannabis cultivation and production life cycle, including waste production and management, nutrient use, energy consumption, water use, byproducts, etc. against alternative growth and production methods,” said Dr. Stocker.  “We know that Colombia provides one of the most naturally efficient environments in the world for cultivation, and this process will allow us to put proven accounting measures in place that validate PharmaCielo’s benefits to the global marketplace.”

The data-based footprint study will also identify concrete measures that can be implemented to ensure that PharmaCielo’s operations are at the forefront of global environmental sustainability measurement.

Complementing this footprint study is the receipt of environmental and operational certification by PharmaCielo’s Nursery and Propagation Centre from Florverde® Sustainable Flowers (FSF) (

“Receipt of this certification is a tremendous testament to the overall operations of our Nursery and Propagation Centre,” said Federico Cock-Correa, President and CEO of PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings Ltd., responsible for PharmaCielo operations in Colombia.  “It not only confirms the strength of past operations within the Colombian flower industry, but also allows us to proceed to cannabis cultivation on receipt of our license confident that we meet the highest standards of global sustainability.”

The FSF standard is revised periodically by an advisory council composed of flower growers, agronomists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government officials; independent accredited certification agencies such as SGS and Icontec are responsible for auditing each farm’s compliance with the FSF standard. This review includes such steps as reviewing farm documentation, inspecting farms, interviewing workers and reviewing lab test results.

Certification is granted following third-party assessment of 15 areas of activity and operations including: employee rights, education and welfare; health and safety systems; water resource management; fertilization and soil/substrate management; integrated pest management; waste management; biodiversity management; energy efficiency; origin of plant material; post-harvest product handling; traceability; and record-keeping.

About Global Footprint Network

Global Footprint Network is a research organization that is changing how the world manages its natural resources and responds to climate change. Since 2003 we’ve engaged with more than 50 nations, 30 cities and 70 global partners to deliver scientific insights that have driven high-impact policy and investment decisions. Together, we’re creating a future where all of us can thrive within our planet’s limits.

About Florverde® Sustainable Flowers

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers builds on more than 15 years of experience in developing, promoting and implementing responsible codes of conduct, standards and sustainable agricultural practices. Today, Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard for the flower sector that is backed by a strong team of agronomists, social workers and other professionals. This team is responsible for reviewing and updating the standard under the guidance of an advisory council made up of flower growers, agronomists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government officials. Any major changes proposed must also be submitted for public consultation.

Although Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is responsible for setting the standard and obtaining stakeholder approval, the certification itself is awarded by third-party certification bodies, such as SGS, Icontec and NaturaCert. The certification process includes reviewing farm documentation, inspecting farms, interviewing workers, and reviewing lab tests results.

About PharmaCielo Ltd.:

PharmaCielo Ltd. is a global company privately held and headquartered in Canada, with a focus on processing and supplying all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products to large channel distributors.  PharmaCielo’s principal (and wholly-owned) subsidiary is PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S., headquartered at its Nursery and Propagation Centre located in Rionegro, Colombia.

The boards of directors and executive teams of both PharmaCielo and PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings are comprised of a diversely talented group of international business executives and specialists with relevant and varied expertise.  PharmaCielo recognized the significant role that Colombia’s ideal location will play in building a sustainable business in the medical cannabis industry, and the company, together with its directors and executives, has built a compelling business plan focused on supplying the international marketplace.