Police across the country have said that the Liberals’ plans to legalize cannabis have created chaos in Canada, as the marijuana industry remains in flux while regulations are waiting to be put into place.

According to police, Justin Trudeau’s government needs to remind Canadians that cannabis remains an illegal drug to ebb the spread of dispensaries opening across the country.

“The discussion [surrounding legalization] that is occurring is causing a lot of confusion, even from an enforcement perspective,” said Canadian Police Association president Tom Stamatakis. “On the street, you have citizens who are convinced or have allowed themselves to be convinced that marijuana is now legal and it’s okay to not only use it, but to manufacture and sell it.”

Stamatakis said, based on private discussions with the Prime Minister, that when legalized cannabis will be heavily regulated.

“We will end up with a similar legislation and regulatory framework to what we have for alcohol and tobacco, which, from a law-enforcement perspective, is the direction we should go in,” Stamatakis said.

Saskatoon police chief Clive Weighill agreed that the Liberals need to reveal some of their plans and speak out against the cannabis community, as it exists today.

“I think it would certainly help if the government would come forth and advise people that the legislation isn’t in place yet and that the laws will be enforced until it is,” said Weighill.

The Liberals’ legalization czar Bill Blair said the process won’t be rushed, and the government is taking its time to get everything right.

“Until Parliament has enacted new legislation and new rules are in place to ensure that marijuana is carefully regulated, current laws remain in force and should be obeyed,” said Blair.

Weighill said an important outstanding issue remains developing procedue for enforcing cannabis impaired driving when legalization is in place.

“We would be looking for legislation around impaired driving for marijuana, possibly a recognized instrument to measure the levels of THC, like we can with alcohol,” Mr. Weighill said.

  • shlala

    So frustrating

    • Kevin Fisher

      Its not similiar to alcohol. So f the driving tests bcuz medpot patients use it to function normally. And it helps ppl focus more and drive more carefully too.andd its good for glaucoma and your eyesight. Hurry up and legalize dumb corp govt a holes. Enough is enough.

  • Réal Guy


    Doesn’t this riddle sound plain easy to solve now that the real Liberal LEGALEEZation project started to unfold?! While it’s no longer possible to HIDE their real agendas, to be exact… Is police really in need for answers or are they simply asking permission, on the public place, to continue bullying “stoners” around, business as usual, shoot-to-kill, etc. Maybe Canadian police can just try consulting Canada’s aboriginal people about how to implement CULTURAL GENOCIDE and more ways to perpetuate RACIST laws, or even better:

    Simply ask the RCMP!…

    After all this would set the tone with no hypocrit ambiguity, which reminds me Justin Mini-Harper Trudeau failed to “send a clear message” in Ottawa a long while ago, by reprimanding the conservatives in both official languages when RCMP pushed one of their own officers on the edge until he committed suicide, for example. Although i must recognize i may have missed important moments of such an episode, if it happened that is.

    Nonetheless it was a death which true professionals could have prevented, but instead it was chosen for strategic political motives to reject a fine police member because of his medical prescription for PTSD – e.g. SMOKED cannabis, in Kingsclear…

    Remember Cpl. Ron J. Francis (1971-2014).

    All because he dared display with a lit joint in public while wearing a red uniform so precious to Harper it was worth destroying yet another human life.


    So, there are those who will always refuse to trust politicians with an identification card/tag, as for wildlife animals (…), then comes “medical” cannabis and nearly 40 thousand “medical” consumers taken hostage by successive governments who rendered these suffering persons instrumental in supporting some vague public “image”, whatever.

    The last electoral campaign happens to have been a nation-wide farce nonetheless, so it seems to me police now awaits a clear signal to escalate agressive actions against “stoners”, because somehow their mere existance threatens Canadian youth like there’s no tomorrow… A classic corner-stone of their hateful propaganda; m’well, judging by the Woods/Dinell life sentence + extradition case, over snail-mail cannabis delivery!

    That’s how i come to expect unjust Civil Asset Forfeiture laws shall remain in force to serve anonymous self-serving mercenaries, willing to multiply predating on more PTSD patients and so on.

    Or maybe i failed to hear Justin MiniPet Trudeau standing vigorously against police abuse after he announced a senatorial enquiry commission on police brutality, starting with Bill Blair at the G20 for example?

    I mean, can we hope for an apearance of justice any time soon?… Or shall i say, how about

    laws that ban bigot anti-cannabic “brutes épaisses” for a change??

    Shame on politician$, Big “Marie-Caca”, profe$$ional “experts” and even their captive supporters (willing or not)!

  • Carol Francey

    Remind them!! “The trend is important in that it represents jury nullification of an arbitrary, unscientific state law establishing a “legal limit” for blood-THC.” http://rxgreenthumb.com/index.php/world/182-north-america/united-states/arizona/396-state-supreme-court-rules-cannabis-in-the-blood-does-not-constitute-impairment

  • Réal Guy

    UNGASS 2016 will be held in a few weeks, that would be one way to address bigots worldwide…