I was given the amazing opportunity to attend a work conference held at the Calgary Airport in one of their swanky onsite hotels.  We headed West with epic timing with the Calgary Stampede opening that weekend to which we were all eager and determined to attend.  I’ve always been a horse-lover but was excited for the crazy eats!  It was choking to get to the gate to be turned away by the twelve year-old in the ten-gallon hat who told me my medical Cannabis was prohibited from the fairgrounds~Stampede Policy!

 I felt angry like Clark Griswold, ready to punch a Moose.

I told my friends to go in and have fun and loudly told the little prick that I was goin’ to smoke some weed!  Little did I know that the fun was on the outside of the gates!  I sat and watched shiny limo’s and shit-speckled trucks pass by dropping off and picking up people in boots and hats.  I sat on a hill and rolled two shoddy doobies with vibrating hands, shielding my precious from the breeze.  No one batted an eye!  One young drunk cutie told me he liked what I was doin’ as he ran past me to pee behind a tree.  He of course was allowed in the gates, after he was done peeing that is.

The perception that the measly four grams of cannabis in my purse is somehow dangerous or suspect is outdated thinking so I asked one of the Police officers if I was allowed in.  She confirmed it.  So I sat and smoked til the stewing stopped and giggled at the beauty around me.  THC lowers the negative and within half an hour I had come to a decision:  we have one year to change Calgary Stampede Policy and outdated thinking.  

I’m puttin’ it out into the universe:  I’ll be vaping in the lounge next year at Stampede 2018!

As I sat on the hill vaping and watching public displays of intoxication all around me, I wondered how many other patients would be turned away as I was.  Today, a week later I see an article about another patient who had more gumption than I did and spent a few hours talking to the security and police about her right to enter the grounds.  She finally won but was asked not to smoke it while on the grounds.  Oh no, we wouldn’t want any of the underage drinkers to catch a whiff.

All I wanted to do was have a real Alberta Beef burger to see what all the fuss is about and because I use a plant as medicine, I was kept out of the fun.  From a capitalistic standpoint, this outdated thinking doesn’t jive with reality.  My friends who went in couldn’t stop talking about all of the food vendors!  Cannabinoids encourage the appetite;  allowing us in would be good for sales!  Now all I want to do is have a conversation with whomever makes the Calgary Stampede Policy.  We gotta update some things.

New rules:  

  1. Legal Cannabis permitted and welcome with smoking areas provided.  
  2. No more Chuckwagon races!
  • Turner Kayston

    “my medical Cannabis was prohibited from the fairgrounds~Stampede Policy!”

    So essentially, if I understand this correctly – they’re policy is to discriminate and deny a potentially life saving medicine, at their sole discretion? Are they pharmacists too? Cannabinoid Scientists of some sort? Doctors, in Cannabis pre-K, training?

    Who are they exactly to decides that? I mean, who – do – they – impose – themselves – to – be? Isn’t it public place, not private? Should they not be required to “accommodate” the sick, the dying and the ill?

    A medically valid and constitutional right to consume a medicine on the basis of a human right to life and liberty; based on who’s policy and in what writing is this? This policy should be publicly available, especially now!

    How ghastly and abhorrent of the Calgary Stampede.

    I am sure they allow all the “medically prescribed” alcohol drinkers to recreate with their *drug* of choice, causing all sorts of “problems”, including to others with their required, medication available in many forms and flavours.

    Yuck, the stench of beer breath… gross; luckily, I don’t smell my own breath. =)

  • Lori

    Cheers Donna! Welcome to the world of prohibition and what recreational smokers have understood for decades. Society, in general, does not approve or understand Cannabis and it will take years before a “Vape Lounge” is available at Calgary Stampede or any other major public venue. I am not sure how a 12 yr old ticket taker discovered Cannabis on your person unless you declared to her that you were carrying it?Were they checking purses and bags on the way in?Even though you have a prescription the world does not embrace medical cannabis, not yet anyway. Liberals have created a shitstorm between Federal, Provincial and Municipal lawmakers and some are vowing to take another year to set things in motion so no surprise to me that you were not allowed into Stampede. I would never have assumed otherwise. Society is being driven by the same prohibitionists that have punished potsmokers for years, to create more restrictions and criminal charges around this fake legalization. We have miles to go before being able to walk around freely declaring and smoking this plant. Try a disposable vape pen filled with THC distillate for those moments away from home, oh wait!! the Government LP’s dont sell these amazing products….too bad. Government will never catch up to the industry and the non consumers will be years accepting toking/vaping in public……nothing new to me. …..we have and will be in stealth mode for sometime to come………medical or not….

  • Saucy 1

    Way to go, Dianna. Next year Terry Booth better personally march our delegation through those gates–it’s his town and, as host, he needs to get them in line. They don’t mind siphoning Aurora Cannabis’ local tax dollars into the Stampede; however, the organizers are quick to bite the hand that feeds. Next year, with legalization, they will be the ones on the outside, looking in.