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Review- The Little Book of Cannabis: How marijuana can improve your life

The first thing you might notice about The Little Book of Cannabis: How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life is how aptly it fits its title. Written by award-winning journalist and cannabis writer Amanda Siebert, The Little Book of Cannabis clocks in at just over 200 pages long, but it’s a small book full of 10 big ways that show how cannabis can benefit you and “improve your life”.

Amanda Siebert writes in an engaging and conversational style and The Little Book of Cannabis is filled to the brim with “Did You Know?” facts like:

  • the earliest documented medicinal use of cannabis was found in China circa 2737 BCE
  • Queen Victoria’s physician administered cannabis tinctures in the 1800s before it was made illegal

As you delve into the cultural, medical, and scientific aspects of cannabis, the author takes care to highlight the human side of cannabis in anecdotes and stories sprinkled throughout the book, and it complements the case studies and research and helps put a face to the numbers.

You might even find parts of this book extremely relatable, like when the author details her own personal journey with cannabis. She even kicks the book off with her first cannabis experience, when at the age of 14, she rebelled against the vehement opposition of her parents, teachers, and authorities- and realized that hey, maybe cannabis wasn’t so bad after all.

This realization is relatable to millions of people around the world who have tried cannabis, and for those who haven’t (yet?), it will hopefully open their eyes to this wonderful plant’s potential. But while the author makes no qualms about the positive impact that cannabis has had on her life, she does not treat cannabis as a panacea, either. Hopefully, this inspires the cannabis curious to try it out and see for themselves why the decades of anti-cannabis propaganda and hysteria were wrong all along.

So if you’ve ever been curious about how cannabis can help you sleep better, alleviate your stress and anxiety, improve your mood and spark creativity, help manage your weight, spice up your sex life, manage your pain, ease the aging process, and so much more, then you should check out The Little Book of Cannabis because whether you’re a cannabis first-timer, a seasoned connoisseur, or somewhere in between, it’s all but guaranteed you’ll learn something new.

The Little Book of Cannabis was released Oct. 17, 2018- the same day Canada legalized cannabis- and is available here.