Some States Still Hate

Cannabis legalization took another step forward in the United States as Oklahoma became the 30th state to pass a medical cannabis law.

This should show you how bought out the countries political leaders are. They’re owned by big pharma and other special interest groups that have their own plans for the American people. That can be the only explanation as to why freedom is only found in just over half of what is supposed to be a free and united country.

An ounce of pot on you in Colorado and you’re fine. An ounce of pot on you in Georgia and you better start looking over your shoulder. That’s because that ounce of weed could land you in jail in Georgia since one ounce or less is a misdemeanour and can put you in jail for a year and land you up to a $1,000 fine, not to mention court costs.

Why would a free country only share freedom with half of its citizens? This is a question that leaves me confused and embarrassed. Confused as to why and embarrassed by the actions of the elected officials running America. I mean I just don’t get it. Cannabis has zero deaths from an overdose ever in recorded human history, and it’s a dangerous plant?

It’s Time to Stop the Hate and Regulate

Our body has an indigenous ECS (endocannabinoid system) that works with the phytocannabinoids found in cannabis that it can’t replicate on its own. We don’t have an alcohol system, an Oxycontin or Percocet system, nor do we have a tobacco system in our body that works with cigarettes, yet they are legal across the U.S. They also have overdoses, sickness, and crime attached to them.

So why the hate when it comes to cannabis? Let’s look at those who oppose cannabis and why they oppose it. Then let’s look at those who support this plant and advocate for its legalization. In the news regarding cannabis legalization in the U.S., you’ll see that Oklahoma just passed State Question 788 legalizing medical marijuana with more than 56% support from voters.

One group spent close to half a million dollars to try and stop medical cannabis. This is money that could have went into the community to help make it stronger. Instead, it was wasted citing opinions and supporting draconian marijuana prohibition. What about veterans, the homeless, or children? This money could have helped fund, expand, or create programs that could’ve helped any of these folks.

Cannabis Opposition in Oklahoma is a Lot Like Cannabis Opposition Elsewhere

Oklahomans Against 788 spent an estimated 500K trying to prevent cannabis legalization. They claimed that medical cannabis legalization “would put children at risk of accidentally consuming the drug and would put doctors in danger (of) losing their licenses,” according to Oklahoma City KOCO 5 News.

Ban all drugs. Let’s enforce stricter sentences for crime. Incarcerate more people with a zero-tolerance stance for those who break the law and don’t support our way of life. Let’s prescribe legal drugs, counselling, therapy, and build more prisons! These are some of the fundamentals of many of those who oppose cannabis, not just those in Oklahoma.

News flash folks, this shit doesn’t work! Those of you who support thinking like this have been brainwashed by government propaganda. America already imprisons more of its population than any other country in the world. We need a change. The old laws on marijuana were ones fueled by racism, sexism, and hate. Lies started a war that only the truth will end.

The Source of the Problem

Lies are the source of the problem. Cannabis became illegal in America back in 1937. Since then, the U.S. federal government’s War on Drugs, better known as the attempted eradication of cannabis, has failed miserably. The War on Drugs focused on destroying a plant. While doing so, America’s elected leaders allowed human-made synthetic drugs to ravage the U.S. and the world.

Greed, power, corruption, and control fueled the growth of a nation. America’s medical and insurance sectors dominate the country. The cost of medical care is unaffordable for millions. Many have no insurance at all. Mental health touches the lives of more people in the U.S. than ever before. Opioid overdoses are so staggering that they can no longer be ignored.

Veteran suicide rates can’t be ignored any longer.  Seniors on a plethora of prescription drugs having to work part-time and even full-time jobs just to pay for their pills has to stop. Children suffering because some people think cannabis needs more research must end. The insurance companies profiting from this, the pharmaceutical companies making these poisons, and the politicians they own need to be exposed to the public.

A Greener Future Is in Sight

Thankfully, the old ways of the past regarding cannabis prohibition are dying out just like those who’ve facilitated the lies that fueled this heinous prohibition of a misunderstood plant. More places are tossing out marijuana prohibition laws and adopting cannabis legalization laws. Some like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and 27 other states in America are even doing this against the will of the U.S. Government.

Others are countries that have stood in support of marijuana prohibition via the War on Drugs. America’s neighbour to the north just made history by legalizing recreational cannabis across the entire country. That’s right, Canada legalized recreational cannabis for adults 18 and up across the whole country, showing the U.S. how it’s done.

Meanwhile, in America, the “land of the free”, only half the people there share the same freedoms. Freedom in America for many people depends on what side of what invisible line you stand. With more places passing favourable cannabis reform laws than ever before it looks like a greener future is in sight for America and the rest of the world.


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