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Spannabis Barcelona highlights with Craig Ex

Craig Ex was in Barcelona March 9-11 for Spannabis 2018 for the first time ever, and now you can check out the exclusive highlights from his adventures at one of Spain’s biggest cannabis events. It was a packed weekend full of a few familiar faces and a ton of new people, seeds, grow gear, fertilizer, and cannabis companies under the pyramid roof of the Fira de Cornellá.

Every inch of the trade centre was crammed full of booths, and there was a lot to see- thank god Weedmaps was there to help people find the best strains out there.

Craig talks to Enrico Bouchard, the inventor of the Sublimator, about his latest innovation, Les Quatre Vins with Al Jaremowich, Enrico’s business partner and Les Quatre Vins’ Chief Aromatic Officer. They show off a magical looking blue bottle of traditional Spanish sparkling wine (known as cava) that is infused with terpenes from the Moby Dick strain. They brought 500 bottles to Spannabis to give people a taste of the future of terpene-infused beverages.

Craig then runs into friends like the Phat Pharmer and Tweedledoob where they talk about seeds and Spanish cannabis culture before Craig Ex chats with Thomas from Serious Seeds, one of the world’s longest-established seed companies and the creators of the world-famous AK-47 strain.

Craig bumped into Joel from Everlasting Extracts, who said he was there for the seeds and genetics, which was echoed by many of the people Craig talked to at Spannabis- so much so that Craig even started calling Spannabis “Seedabis” instead!

The Neutralizer was a plug-in product with a lot of potential as an odour eliminator, and it even comes with its own terpene profile which cancels out the cannabis smell. It’s a definite improvement over toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer sheets and would be a godsend for apartment dwellers across the world.

Craig then talks to Markus from Segra International about tissue culture- what it is and its benefits. Craig Ex also sees Expert Seeds, which has no relation to Expert Joints!

So far it was mostly seeds and Craig wanted to find some of that real dankness because he seemed a little disappointed with the lack of cannabis at Spannabis, so he went on a hunt to find where all the weed was.

At some points, it seemed like there was more alcohol and cigarettes than actual cannabis, although there was a ton of grow gear and seeds to choose from. Craig summed up his feelings quite nicely when he said, “If you want weed 3 months from now, come to Spannabis!”

But, keep your faith, because it was a euphoric moment when Craig finally finds some good ol’ chron at R-KIEM Seeds where he does some fat dabs with Enrico and Al from Les Quatre Vins.

Craig also says hi to some old friends at Bhogart and they talk about hydrocarbons before Craig sees Sarah Sunday (who organizes the Karma Cup) and a clean-shaven (well, the beard at least) Urban Remo.

Next is an interview with Ming the Ganja Babe which gets awkwardly interrupted by an Irishman. Kirk Tousaw, one of Canada’s most prominent cannabis lawyers, also says hi as he was at his first Spannabis, too. House of the Great Gardener tells Craig Ex about their wins at Dabadoo while Regulus Glass shows off some of his artistic and colourful glass pieces

Taylor Blake, the co-organizer of California’s Emerald Cup, which is happening this December 15-16, was also in attendance, and last but not least, stay tuned for the awards ceremonies.