Startup Creates Automated Cannabis Cultivation Technology

Entrepreneurs are busy innovating technology for the cannabis industry at a feverish pace. A startup out of Ontario is working on using new technology to grow cannabis.

Bjorn Dawson is the founder of Grobo and a newly graduated engineering student from the University of Waterloo. He says that most people attempting to grow their own cannabis end up spending a lot of time tending to the plants. “Most people create these DIY systems in a large black tent and they just use timers like you would use on your Christmas lights to automate pumps, lighting, whatever. And it feels like you’re doing something wrong. I think that’s the biggest thing — even though you’re allowed, you have this feeling like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this,'” Dawson says.

This is where his company Grobo comes into play. They have developed a system intended to automate the whole cultivation process for cannabis plants. Originally it was intended to grow food, but Dawson and his co-creator discovered that it was more useful for cannabis. The system consists of a four foot high tower which controls lighting, humidity, and temperature level in order to keep optimal growing conditions.

The legal issue is still a barrier for Grobo, as they would like to see recreational users be able use their technology, but currently only medical cannabis patients will be allowed to grow their own cannabis at home.