While multimillion-dollar investments are being made by corporations and high-end investors, even the small investors, big dreamers, and mom & pop shops are securing their piece of the cannabis dream.

The American Dream turns Cannabis Green

The American dream: a business of your own, success, family, going all the places you want to and doing all the things you love. Aww, what a life that would be. For many people, this notion is but a dream. Owning a business of their own is a costly venture. Plus, there is no guarantee of success.

You don’t have a solid monthly income like you do from a 40-hour-a-week job. However, it seems that these days more Americans are tossing out the 40-hour work week in exchange for 60- and 80-hour work weeks running their own businesses in the newly budding legal cannabis sector.

Entrepreneurs or ganjapreneurs as they’re being called, are starting to thrive in the legal cannabis industry. While multimillion-dollar investments are being made by corporations and high-end investors, even the small investors, big dreamers, and mom & pop shops are securing their piece of the cannabis dream.

Difficult but Not Impossible

Taxation, licensing, and other regulations make it very difficult for investors without money to get into the game. It doesn’t make it impossible though. For those willing to put in the work, the legal green industry is opening all kinds of new doors. When it comes to living the American dream, you might say these days that dream in one way or another involves cannabis.

Legal weed, it’s part of the American dream these days. Some American’s are living the dream, some yurn to live that dream, and for others, it seems legal weed is just a dream. For a country called the United States, it seems these days it’s more like the “Divided States.”

The U.S appears to be divided over weed. The prohibition of the plant so many people love in America began back in 1937. Until the last decade or so, cannabis legalization in the U.S. seemed like only a dream. For many Americans looking to enjoy weed or medically benefit from it legally, the answer was in California dreamin.

California Dreamin’

California legalized medical cannabis in 1996. To the dismay of naysayers and negative Nancy’s everywhere, cannabis didn’t kill other industries or create a state filled with lazy, stoned, mindless zombies, (Hollywood excluded, jk) like so many preached it would.

For over two decades other industries like alcohol, tobacco, pharma, and others still thrived. Vineyards survived cannabis too. For the longest time, if you wanted legal weed in America, it was California dreaming for many Americans.

Today you can experience legal adult use recreational cannabis in places like Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Colorado, and others. Currently, 33 states in the U.S have some form of medical cannabis law in place as well.

Some Are Still Dreaming Despite Legalization

Many states like Oklahoma, Florida, and New York already have legal medical cannabis dispensaries serving patients. Some states where favorable medical cannabis reform laws passed like Arkansas and others people are still dreaming of access to legal weed while waiting on the proper licensing and process to take place.

Though laws were passed allowing medical cannabis, lawmakers have slowed or stalled progress with nonsense. This leaves citizens in places like this dreaming of having access to legal weed. Then there are still states clinging to draconian ways of the past like Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Kansas, and others.

Others Are Holding on to Prohibition

Some states like Kansas turn to casinos and alcohol sales to increase revenue, or even worse, they do what Kansas does and pull funds from education and highway funding. Meanwhile, states like Colorado with legal cannabis access are infusing education and municipal programs with millions of dollars.

New schools have been built, and much-needed renovations to state buildings happened thanks to legal cannabis. Community programs have been started, businesses are growing, and cannabis is showing that the community is a motivate diverse one. It’s also showing that states, lawmakers, and other dubious individuals are cashing in on the green rush and those looking to try and grab a piece of the American dream.

A Piece of Green for Everyone

Hopefully, lawmakers in America will soon let go of the draconian past and the private investors, I mean supporters that are keeping America down. The legal cannabis sector provides enough business opportunities for everybody who’s willing to work to see a chance at success and future generational wealth.

The list of ancillary services that cater to the cannabis industry is endless. A business doesn’t have to handle cannabis directly to be a part of this budding green rush. Hopefully big business, Wall Street, and corporate investors won’t completely shut out an industry that was created by the people. This is an issue that many people would agree Canada is facing.

For American lawmakers, the citizens of this country can only hope you can read. Cannabis is not a street drug. It’s a medicine, a fuel, a food, a building material, and more. Smoking weed isn’t just about getting high. Cannabis can do so much more than just get you stoned, perhaps all of you that still support the outdated Draconian prohibition of cannabis, should pick up a book and, Read All About It!!!


Article courtesy of Expert JointsJamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com@CannaLance@Cannalancer710)