The Best Secret Stash Spots and Hidden Stash Boxes

In North America, cannabis is due to be legalized in Canada next year, it’s legal in some form in over 50% of the U.S., and possession of under 5 g has been decriminalized in Mexico since 2009- but there’s still plenty of reasons to be paranoid or, should we say, careful.

Nothing’s worse than being caught with a drug offense because you left some herb in your backpack, or in your car while being pulled over for a minor traffic violation.  Plus, you need to make it harder for ‘guests’ to walk away with your stash.

You should invest in one of these quality, hidden stash boxes.

The Pringle’s Can

It sounds stupid, it sounds way too obvious, and yet, the classic Pringle’s can is still a quality secret stash container nonetheless.  The whole ‘hiding in plain sight’ psychology works.  The biggest way to screw this stash spot up is by leaving it right next to your lighter on the coffee table, or worse, in between the couch and an end table.  Buy a stash can online that can hold your stash and your chips.

Fake Book Safes

Fake books work great as secret stashes.  Even if you don’t have an actual book shelf, get yourself a nice fat dictionary or encyclopedia and carefully cut out the inside pages.  If you’re not into arts and crafts or would prefer a fake book hidden stash box with better concealment, buy one online.

Hidden Electric Outlets

This is an old classic stash place.  If you like to keep a tight ship and prefer not to have to leave old Pringles cans around or books that you obviously would never use, try rigging a pop-out electrical outlet.  You can either attempt to DIY your outlet (not recommended) or purchase a fake outlet that you can place anywhere.  They look exactly like the real thing (most use the same plate molds) and are easy to install without needing any electrical experience.

Fake Household Items/Electronics

There’s a whole slew of household gadgets, appliances, and products out there that act as boring decoys that a thief or cop would never think twice about.  Hairbrushes, clocks, WD-40 cans, shaving cream, and even surge protectors.  Pedestrian objects are the best secret stashes because you can have it within arm’s reach and no one would ever be the wiser.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

A nice perk to having a hidden stash box for stoners is that sometimes you’ll forget you even had the stash to begin with.  It’s like a Christmas present to yourself!