The Great Cannabian Smoke Show
Freddie Pritchard

The Great Cannabian Smoke Show Interview with Freddie Pritchard

Freddie “Da Weed King” Pritchard is an activist who has dedicated decades to raising cannabis awareness in Canada and he has the wealth of weed wisdom to prove it. We had the chance to chop it up with Freddie about the Great Cannabian Smoke Show, his new series on Pot TV.

[Cannabis Life Network]: How would you compare the Great Cannabian Smoke Show to your other show, the One Man Smoke Show?

[Freddie Pritchard]: Still too early for me to tell. On both shows I will be talking current Canadian news and activism and I’m going to do my best to not have them overlap.

The Great Cannabian Smoke Show’s location at the Pot TV studios will allow me to incorporate guests a lot more conveniently than the One Man Smoke Show that’s out of my home. And, I will be running a different format. Those that tune in regularly to the One Man Smoke Show are very schooled and informed on everything that is going on- I like to say it’s “Activism 5.0”.

Now that I’m coming onto a new show and new platform with new viewers, I will be dialing back a bit to more “Activism 1.0”. As time moves on a whole new viewership will become informed and caught up.

What do you want to be the biggest take-away for viewers after watching the Great Cannabian Smoke Show?

I want to inform, educate, and bring true cannabis awareness to everyone, and I hope viewers walk away thinking, “Gee… I never knew that” or “I just never looked at it that way”.

How does it feel going from an audience of 4k subscribers to 40k?

It feels fantastic, I hope I can pull it off successfully.

Who are a few of your dream guests?

I want to bring many guests on my show- patients, providers and more specifically, activists, and those that utilize their fighting voices to stand up for cannabis. But I can dream, and I do.

I would be extremely honored to have Tommy Chong, Rick Simpson, B-Real, Willy Nelson, and Woody Harrelson, to name a few, on any of my shows.


Freddie Pritchard hosts The Great Cannabian Smoke Show live every Tuesday at 4PM on Pot TV.