The Great Holiday Wake and Bake: 1 in 3 High On Christmas Morning

You’ve done the wrapping and baking, and now all that’s left is getting baked. There’s nothing quite like the high of Christmas morning — literally. While the holidays typically are a time for boozing it up, there’s a new drug in town. A survey from Ayr Wellness revealed 8 in 10 planned to consume cannabis with family or friends over Thanksgiving. Now, according to a recent survey by CBD Oracle, a California-based consumer research company, one in three people plan on burning some proverbial green trees first thing on Christmas morning. That’s roughly 30 percent of folks specifically planning to wake and bake on Christmas morning. What’s more, the survey found 75 percent of respondents would consider getting high with family over the holidays. It’s clear that cannabis is high on the list for many this holiday season.

Additionally, 55 percent of folks want to swap the punch bowl for brownies at company holiday parties. A full 66 percent said they’ll be choosing cannabis over alcohol at least part of the time during the holidays, and that comes as no surprise. Recent studies show preliminary support for the notion that CBD decreases alcohol consumption. This season alone, we’ve seen ads from social tonic maker Cann featuring Kate Hudson that offer a holiday buzz without the hangover. With cannabis becoming laced into everyday life, our efforts to tear down antiquated stigmas around cannabis are having a real impact.

high on christmas
Photo by Nicole De Khors courtesy of Burst

High on Christmas

It’s clear that an increasing majority are using cannabis to loosen up over the holidays. Not to say things are necessarily more relaxed this year. Between new Omicron-related restrictions and vaccine-related polemics, the holidays are a stressful time. Even the infamous Holmes and Rahe stress scale cite major holidays like Christmas as notable stressful life events. It’s clear why a majority are turning to the benefits of cannabis, from stress relief to improving mood or even just helping us connect with one another. Indeed, the survey, titled ‘How Cannabis is Taking Over Christmas,’ found that 60 percent reported they needed cannabis to cope with family members with polarizing viewpoints, particularly around vaccines.

January is notorious as the month where rates of depression peak. And as we approach our second holiday season during a global pandemic, it’s worth acknowledging that the landscape of traditional holidays is changing, and cannabis has a role as a resource for managing stress. Which is a long way of saying, don’t be afraid to spark one up this morning.

Merry Christmas from CLN

Wherever and however you plan to celebrate the holiday season this year, we wish you a relaxed day. Let us know if you’re planning on lighting up the old “Christmas tree” this year in the comments! Don’t forget to follow CLN for the latest news, editorials, research and more.