The Top Five CannaMoms For You To Follow

Cannabis legalization is quickly spreading across the globe, most recently in the United States. And while the cannabis industry creates new opportunities like holistic care and jobs, it’s also creating impact for one of the largest communities in the world — mothers.

Women today who’ve given birth or have become primary caregivers have been trading wine for weed, and it’s catching on fast. A recent study found that out of 855 women who’ve tried THC or CBD to reduce anxiety and pain rated positive benefits were rated up to 91 percent. Yet even with ongoing research and positive testimonials, mothers who’ve never tried cannabis before are afraid of giving it a try at all.

As society holds mothers to a certain standard, women don’t want to risk judgment. Women know their actions are scrutinized not just in our professional jobs but in the household. But one of the issues that can help aid this stigma is for mothers to have a community. Mothers need a solid foundation of like-minded women who use cannabis in their life for anxiety and more self-acceptance. Luckily, we live in a time of technology and can find our tribe no matter where they are. These five cannamoms to follow are doing just that.

These women below are breaking the mold in making cannabis as normal as having a glass of wine at night. And these badass influencers are paving the way for stigmas to disappear in women’s health and lifestyle. Check out these top Canna-moms for you to follow on Instagram:

1. High Society Mama

Bianca Snyder is a natural wellness advocate and the founder of High Society Mama. Partnered with her husband Tad Snyder, they created Society Plant. Society Plant is a cannabis company using only organic fertilizers and produces an aromatic, small-batch hemp flower rich in CBD goodness and perfect for smoking. From scientific research to hilarious TikTok videos, High Society Mama helps women feel more comfortable talking about how cannabis can help in all aspects of life, from anxiety to sexual experience. You can follow their Instagram at @highscocietymama .

2. Mothers Mary

Next on our list of cannamoms to follow is Mothers Mary. Founders Jordana Zabitsky and Annie Bertrand began their online community Mothers Mary out of pure need. Mothers Mary is a cannabis online community-based in Canada that aims to empower and support moms to be their authentic selves by providing research and tools to break the molds and stigmas of society. They provide group coaching, digital courses, and personalized wellness techniques for mamas navigating cannabis for the first time, making it more inclusive and less judgemental. Follow them on @mothersmary_hq .

3. Kayla Lawrence

This mommy entrepreneur is on our list of cannamoms to follow by paving ways in normalizing cannabis culture and the benefits it has on the community. Lawrence promotes cannabis as a lifestyle and why she chose to smoke a bowl than drinking hard liquor any day. She shares personal stories not only on her Instagram but in her online community, the Cannamoms Circle giving other moms another outlet to share their journey. You can follow her @kaylawrenceofficial.

4. Shonitria Anthony

Shonitria Anthony was a former editor for ABC News and Huffington Post. She’s now the creator of Blunt Blowin’s Mamas, a podcast that amplifies the voices of BIWOC moms and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. From special guests like Jessmyn Stanley to Keira Fae Sumimoto, Anthony focuses on topics such as pregnancy, sex, first-time smokers, and highlights stories from real everyday mothers. Her famous slogan is “Moms who smoke are not bad moms.” You can follow @bluntblowinmama.

5. Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica Gonzalez, also known as The Mommy Jane, is a cannamom and wellness advocate. After going through first-hand experience of how cannabis helped her through the dark times of postpartum, she decided to become an advocate in 2008 to educate mothers and other adults on the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes. Gonzales has been featured on CannaCon and Cannabis Radio and has over 27,000 followers. You can follow her Instagram @themommyjane.