The Ultimate Stoner's Guide to Toronto
The Ultimate Stoner's Guide to Toronto

The Ultimate Stoner’s Guide to Toronto [TRAVEL GUIDE]

With Toronto becoming one of the newest hotspots for cannabis tourism, we’ve created the ultimate stoner’s guide to Toronto so you’ll know exactly where you must visit during your next trip.

HotBox Cafe is a must-visit cannabis-lounge for every stoner

HotBox Cafe
Photo By: HotBox Cafe

Located in the heart of Kensington Market, HotBox Cafe is a BOYB cannabis lounge where guests are encouraged to spark up and enjoy the afternoon. HotBox Cafe is also home to Canada’s first patio where you can smoke weed freely on the patio.

Nova Cannabis is another go-to place for stoners

Nova Cannabis
Photo By: blogTO

With strains under $7 per gram, it’s hard to find a better deal than Nova’sBlack Market Buster” deal. If you have any questions regarding cannabis or the laws surrounding it, we recommend you visit Nova Cannabis from 6 pm – 7 pm and sit in on their “Cannabis 101″ class.

Vapor Central

Vapor Central for stoners
Photo By: Vapor Central

Vapor Central is located just south of Younge & Bloor and they’re known to hosts some super fun events like “Stoner Bingo” and “Puff Puff Pass” yoga.

Toronto Hemp Company

Toronto Hemp company
Photo By: Toronto Hemp Company

Owned by Dom Cramer, Toronto Hemp Company has one of Canada’s largest selection of cannabis glassware. This is a must-stop for anybody looking to purchase a new piece of glassware not found anywhere else.

The Friendly Stranger a famous shopping avenue for cannabis lovers

The friendly stranger a place to visit by stoners
Photo By: The Friendly Stranger

The Friendly Stranger is one of the best-known head shops in Toronto. With a large selection of pipes, bongs, etc. to choose from, The Friendly Stranger is the first place you should visit on your Toronto cannabis tour.

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