Tilray to begin shipping weed to New Zealand

Tilray has announced it has yet another overseas client. The Canadian LP owned by Seattle-based private equity firm Privateer Holdings said it will begin exporting medical cannabis to New Zealand before the end of February.

Both the Canadian and New Zealand governments have approved the MMJ exports, Tilray announced in a news release.

The Nanaimo-based company will export THC– and CBD-infused oils to Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. Tilray’s medical cannabis products will serve as another option for patients who use Sativex, an expensive, cannabis-based mouth spray.

New Zealand recently altered its medical cannabis laws to permit the Ministry of Health – instead of the department’s associate minister – to sign off on MMJ requests.

The LP has been rapidly expanding its overseas sales in recent months. Earlier this month, the company announced it had secured an export agreement with a company in Chile. Tilray previously made deals to export medical cannabis to Australia and Croatia.