TRENDING: Grow-Op on Wheels

All sorts of things come ‘to go’ these days, and now the same can be said for a grow-op.

A new product is on the market called the HOTBOX, which is basically a standard trailer that is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing you to grow at least 40 plants without raising the eyebrows of any neighbours.

“Our goal was to help patients, and this system is efficient at producing quantity and quality while it looks like just an ordinary trailer,” said Gurvir Dhaliwal, who along with partner Kyle Richardson, created the HOTBOX.

Both are BCIT engineering students who got the idea to focus their expertise on indoor growing after speaking with a friend who has cancer and uses medicinal cannabis.

“It’s a great idea for growers as you can plug it into a residential dryer outlet and it uses about the same amount of power,” Richardson said.

How about the smell?

“That’s covered through using a carbon filter and exhaust fan, but it also depends on the strain you’re growing,” Richardson said.

The HOTBOX is loaded with technology, including two high-intensity LED grow lights designed by Dhaliwal and Richardson, an automatic watering system, and a series of environmental controls.

The grow trailer also comes with another innovative product called a SUNTENT, which is a smaller growing system that could fit into the tiniest of homes.

“It’s a great thing for people who want to grow in their condos, and it’s very cheap. It uses about the same amount of power as running an XBox and TV at the same time,” Dhaliwal said.

The tent is one metre by one metre and only two metres high, and comes with a cutting-edge LED light that can plug right into any outlet in your home.

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