Three Retro TV Intros to Set Mood for a Sesh

Even without watching the show, a TV intro can do a lot to see the mood of a session. The purpose of an intro is to get you into the mood to watch a certain show, but they can do more than just set us up to veg out on a couch

This article will explore three great TV intros to experience while high.

3. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has one of the most serene and surreal intros to ever grace the small screen. Nature, a picturesque small town, slowly rising strings… what else could we ask for?

Despite the nefarious undertones of the show, the intro always puts me at ease and in a perfect state of mind to get stoned. The song is somewhat repetitive, but it never gets old and perfectly compliments the visuals.

Few other intros will set you up so well for a contemplative high.

2. Friends

While Friends is not for everyone, the appeal of its intro is undeniable. Especially at a time like now, we need a reminder of our friends and family and little does more to remind us than this upbeat intro about friendship and getting through hard times.

The 90s feel alone will bring many a feeling of comfort and hominess. I personally have a weakness for nostalgia when I am high, and it is not a weakness that I completely mind. For a nostalgia-driven session, nothing can beat out the Friend’s intro and theme song.

1. Firefly

“Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care cause I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me”

These are the opening lyrics of the cult-classics Firefly. This intro has less to do with a mood associated with weed and more to do with an ideology. While some may have forgotten or never experienced a time where weed was illegal, these lines ring true for many.

While stoners may not have been talking about flying around in spaceships, many activists who truly believed in the spiritual and medical properties of marijuana risked a lot to get legislation where it is today. They were truly willing to risk it all and lose their freedom to get us where we are today.