Tweed turns to seeds

Tweed Inc. has launched sales of a variety of seeds under its HomeGrow Collection banner. Consisting of 10 cannabis varieties ranging from low & high THC to CBD options, the seeds are intended to meet the needs of a variety of patients managing a variety of symptoms.

“Our goal is to offer a wide selection of cannabis products in a variety of formats, from dried bud and blends, to oils,” said Mark Zekulin, President of Canopy Growth Corporation, Tweed’s parent company. “We know there is demand for high-quality cannabis seeds and we have long supported the patient’s individual right to grow their own medicine so this is a special day for our company.”

Home growing was not initially a part of the regulatory framework for the first few years of the licensed medical marijuana industry, but became possible after activists and legal advocates fought to have it reintroduced into the federal regulations.

Tweed’s primary focus remains on supplying ready-to-consume cannabis products. Tweed said it will also offer patients a interim supply of medical cannabis starting with a one-time $25 discount toward any products they have in stock.