UK cops discover a grow-op inside Legoland

Everything is not awesome for the operators of an indoor grow-show discovered inside a Legoland theme park in England.

Around 50, three-foot-tall cannabis plants were found by workers in a bungalow complete with lights and watering equipment, according to the Sun newspaper.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Officers were called today at about 11:15 am today following reports that cannabis had been found at a property in the Legoland grounds in Windsor.

“Officers are currently at the site where cannabis plants and equipment used in the production of cannabis has been located.

“No arrests have been made and an investigation is being carried out.”

A Legoland spokesman said: “Following security checks, we can confirm that illegal substances were found in a derelict cottage outside of the Legoland Park boundary.

“The building in question is inaccessible to the public and appears to have been accessed via the Crown Estate.

An otherwise civilized country, England remains an outlier to the growing international acceptance of recreational cannabis use, and the maximum sentence for those caught cultivating plants is up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.