Updates on Baby MJ

There’s good news and bad news in the case of Baby MJ. “The hospital has now told us,” her mother, Michelle Pierce, told CinC, “[that] doctors are refusing her cannabis oil and because of it she is starting to swell again, she started to have multiple seizures that are more aggressive when she has them, she had to bagged again.”

Pierce added that baby MJ was, “doing a lot better on cannabis than off of it.”

Speculating as to the reasons why the hospital would neglect such a safe, natural, and effective medicine, she added: “In my opinion, the hospital has been pushed by the media so that their sponsors don’t want to sponsor them… they won’t sponsor them if they continue to prescribe her this medication… They will not give her the CBD oil because in their opinion it has not changed the seizures, even with video evidence standing otherwise.”

MJ’s father, Justin Pierce, had the good news: “As far as the legal stuff goes, I think we’re looking a little more hopeful for having more grounds for choosing what goes on for medication decisions, in my opinion.”

For those unfamiliar with the Pierce family story, Mary-Jane Lakota Ali Pierce (MJ) was born prematurely and diagnosed with a severe infection. The family found that cannabis oil helped mitigate her ailments.

For more information on the Pierce’s battle and how you can help, go here.