In 2019, cannabis is legal in more places than it’s been in a hundred years, but do you know what's in your cannabis?

What’s in your cannabis?

You might remember the Capital One commercial that had the catchphrase “What’s in Your Wallet?” With any normal legal business, they are allowed to advertise on radio, television and Internet to reach an audience of potential consumers. Hardee’s did “Where’s the Beef?” Burger King did “Have it Your Way,” and Nike has “Just Do It,” but the legal cannabis industry faces an entirely new set of trials and tribulations approaching the next decade. what's in yor weed?

In 2019, cannabis is legal in more places than it’s been in a hundred years. Cannabis wasn’t always part of a worldwide government prohibition. This draconian insane process of control and domination of people started popping up around the early 1900s in many places.

What’s in Your Weed?- The Chemical Issue

Could you imagine if we had advertising campaigns allowed across social media, the internet, radio, and television that said “What’s in Your Weed?” Consumers may be more conscious about what’s actually in the products they’re paying top dollar for. With the new legal, regulated market of cannabis, there are requirements that cultivators and processors as well as sellers must meet to provide cannabis to the public.

One of those requirements is to meet a health standard that requires cannabis to past tests for quality. Pesticides and chemicals aren’t good things to put in your body. Sadly there are cannabis cultivators that use dangerous chemicals and pesticides during cultivation. Some of these businesses even do so knowing they are banned and not acceptable to be used in cannabis cultivation. People might know more about this if we had a “What’s in Your Weed?” campaign.

Craft Cannabis = Love, Cannabinoids, and Good Vibes

Phytocannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and love is what goes into making exceptional cannabis. This process is destroyed in large-scale Mass cultivations. People in white suits spraying chemicals over plants to increase their growth and production produces piss-poor medicine. If you want to know what’s in this weed you’ll have to go online and check with licensed cannabis producers like some of the outlandish chemical companies Health Canada has approved.

When purchasing craft cannabis from a true craft cannabis producer, you can expect to have vitamins, minerals, phytocannabinoids, and love in your cannabis. Not chemicals, pesticides, and residual solvents. A craft cannabis producer knows the strain of cannabis they are cultivating inside and out. They understand every characteristic and tick the plant might show. This allows them to cultivate the cannabis strains they’re producing to perfection. When flowered to perfection cannabis is without a doubt absolutely amazing. When grown in mass yields drenched by chemicals well, it’s not so amazing.

Why Such a Variance When it Comes to What’s in Our Cannabis?

Why is it that the average cannabis consumer like me or you can’t just walk up to a place and efficiently and effectively have their cannabis tested at an economical price? Possibly could it be that those in charge don’t want you to know what’s in your weed? With all of the certified credible labs that test cannabis and cannabis products, they all have acceptable variances. Many of these places will not get the same results when testing the same product multiple times. Some places even state they can have a 15% variance in testing without worry. This seems exceptionally high when testing something that is supposed to be a medicine.

The only way to truly know what’s in your weed is to grow it yourself. This is something that certain places are catching on to and not wanting people to know how to do. After all, if you can grow your own medicine why would you buy it elsewhere, especially from chemical companies or agricultural giants such as Bayer or Monsanto?

What’s in your weed, do you know?

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