When The Police Don’t Want You Growing Cannabis…

It’s a freaking plant.

Insomuch as it gets you stoned, it’s not any of the police’s business whether you grow it or not.

Insomuch as you get stoned and drive a car, implying that you put others at risk, that’s an issue for the road owner.

And of course, the non-existent owner is the very real taxpayer, who forcibly forfeits road management to civil bureaucrats, who collect salaries without loss and hire private companies to perform the actual work.

The Canadian Association Of Chiefs Of Police is concerned about legalization and driving under the influence, but I say worry more about the funding mechanism, the lack of private property, the Soviet-style planning as applied to very veins of a community — the road.

And the police have literally nothing to worry about when it comes to growing cannabis.

Nothing to worry about, if, indeed, they are just civil servants working for the public good.

But considering how we’re all self-interested individuals with motives geared toward ourselves and our family’s well-being, certainly before taking into account some broader collective good, then police are probably concerned about the money.

That cannabis legalization will leave a large, gaping drug-war funding hole.

Well, no worries, the Trudeau regime will institute a strict “public health” approach to cannabis legalization, meaning that not all entrepreneurs and other connoisseurs will free themselves of undue prosecution.

Cannabis can be grown easily and if individuals are allowed to grow for themselves, then there is nothing the government can do to prevent growers from sharing and profiting amongst themselves.

Cannabis is a hot item, it’s portable, divisible, uniform, even when legal it’s limited in supply, but accepted by many. It may someday undergo the process whereby it becomes a medium of exchange, that is, a money.

That’s all the police, politicians and career bureaucrats fear — change they can’t control.

Cannabis and industrial hemp can revolutionize the world. If cannabis can save the planet by reversing deforestation, then we’ve provided an actual environment solution, not the half-baked carbon tax swindle peddled by governments worldwide, including Justin’s Liberals.

Cannabis is going to save the planet, not carbon taxes. The police shouldn’t worry about “grow ops” any more than they should worry about private greenhouses and private kitchens.

The Canadian Association Of Chiefs Of Police are out of their element. They have no frame of reference here. They’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know…

Here’s my point: There’s no reason, there’s no fucking reason why police should have any air of authority about cannabis legalization.

They’re losing the drug war. They’re losing moral high-ground. They have to earn trust and support and by advocating against personal growing, they’re sending the wrong message.

So long as people have ovens, then kitchens remain just as unsafe as “grow-ops.” And with modern technology, like LCDs and tents, indoor cannabis cultivation becomes safer than boiling water. Which means, the Chiefs of Police are so far out of their element, they’re over the line.

The thin blue line, that authority decreed by the state.

First, the Monarchs had control, then the democratic aristocrats took the reins. But now it’s time to disperse this authority amongst the conscious masses through contracts, private property, and voluntary exchange in all realms of human action.