Working With Weed

Working with weed, when most people think about this they think about budtenders and growers. There’s so much more to working with weed than just growing and selling it. The legal cannabis industry has opened doors for countless ancillary services to participate in this budding sector. There’s no shortage of work in the Cannabis space.

“Of the top 150 ancillary cannabis businesses in a recent list from Cannabis Business Executive, 41 are headquartered in Colorado.”-Westword

Professionals from all sorts of different fields are required to run this multibillion-dollar industry. More than just people to grow it and sell it you need people to make the infrastructure of these systems run. IT Network specialists, CPAs, attorneys, engineers, architects, scientists, doctors, electricians, and plumbers are some of the fields that are often overlooked when people think about working in the cannabis space.

“Analysts say the growing number of jobs in the space, the chance to join firms with sky-high valuations and the opportunity to shape a burgeoning industry where Canada has leapfrogged the United States and could become a world leader are fueling this migration”-Business Times

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone from bed-and-breakfasts to local restaurants, sticker and labeling companies, media, and local mom-and-pop businesses benefit from Cannabis legalization. Compliance is a big issue for any type of cannabis business. This means everything from security to software and everything in between. These cannabis businesses drive sales for other businesses that are not directly related to the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Is Cultivating New Jobs

As of October 17th, 2018 Canada, legalized adult use retail/recreational cannabis. The job market in Canada is expected to soar with legalization opening all kinds of new doors for employment. When analysts are coming up with the numbers for the worth of the cannabis industry I often wonder if they are factoring in any form of ancillary services to those numbers.

“The emerging legal marijuana industry despite what some may believe is made up of more than just growers, extractors, and budtenders.”-The Fresh Toast

With cannabis already being a multi-billion-dollar business, it makes you wonder what the ancillary services catering to the cannabis sector are worth? If you were to seek employment in the Cannabis space, where would you prefer to be working?

Would you grow weed, sell it, advertise it, or do you have a unique niche that helps create the boomin’ ancillary services surrounding the cannabis sector? A few years ago, freelance writing was a hobby. Today it’s my passion and my livelihood.

Cannabis has allowed me to pursue a dream I never thought possible. I’ve been published in magazines in California and Oregon as well as published online in Canada, Amsterdam, the UK, and Mexico. My words have reached Millions already. When people think about cannabis ancillary services I bet they never think about some of the amazing lines of work you can get into thanks to this hempsational plant called cannabis.

What’s your dream job in the cannabis sector? I’d love to know. Who knows, a simple comment below could lead you to the connection that lands you the job of your dreams or help put you on the path to the career you’ve always wanted. Remember to consume responsibly and help break the negative stigma and stereotypes attached to this widely misunderstood plant. We are all seeds in this great big sea of green and it only takes a single seed to help tip the scales, you could be that seed.


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