2020 California Emerald Cup

In order to adapt to this pandemic, the Emerald cup had two choices, cancel the event or, come up with a creative solution. Rather than disappoint everyone, organizers decided to postpone the date to buy some time and get to work. After all, the Emerald Cup is a North California favorite, attracting farmers from all over the states. In a recent press release, organizers of the Emerald Cup announced that the competition is moving forward. To do so, they have made some exciting new changes. Here is the latest update on the 2020 California Emerald Cup!

Timing is everything…

So basically, the event has been pushed back to next year. Instead of entry deadlines happening this December, farmers and producers have until January. The award ceremony will take place in March and the details haven’t been released. Exact dates have not been announced but the rough timeline is a heads-up meant to benefit the growers. According to Tim Blake, “This will give everyone more time to cure their flowers and to enter the late-flowering cultivars. This also means the judges will finally have at least a month to review the entries.”  The support for late-stage cultivation is all about nurturing the terpenes in the plant. This year, that will be the key to victory. 

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Emerald Cup make changes to the flower competition

Along with changing the date, organizers of the Emerald Cup came up with some interesting new flower categories, and for some, it’s long overdue.  Down in sunny California, the cannabis farmers pride themselves on the quality of their ‘sun-grown’ flower, but, indoor farms are making a comeback. So, contest organizers decided to include an indoor category to the flower competition. On top of that, a new award for ‘Best of Show’ will be given to the overall favorite. Farmers can now bring their best buds to be judged against the others, regardless of how or where they grow it.

2020 California Emerald Cup

California Emerald Cup 2020 adds terpene subcategories 

For the first time ever, each flower entry will be judged in an additional terpene subcategory. Limonene dominant flower will compete against other limonene flowers, pinene will be judged against pinene. When each of the six terpene profiles has a decided winner, those six top flowers will compete against each other. Doing it this way will create a lot more awards and give them the opportunity to recognize more farmers. The terpene category that will win ‘Best of Show’ is still a mystery but one thing is definitely certain, the terpene profile of each plant entered will make or break the next champion. 

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For the first time in Emerald Cup history, sun-grown and indoor farmers will go trichome head to trichome head. With more categories for winners to compete in, farmers can show the skills they perfected during self-isolation and judges get to appreciate them. Thanks to this pandemic, a lot of events have been cancelled. But thankfully, 2020 California Emerald Cup has some fresh idea’s to mix it up. For the cannabis industry in northern California, it means new goals set and something to look forward to. At a time like this, its a breath of fresh air.