420 Celebrations For Stoners Around The World

6 420 Celebrations For Stoners Around The World

For 26 years stoners everywhere have come together on one special day at the same time to smoke weed. Today, there are 420 celebrations all around the world, here are our picks for the best ones.

420 Vancouver

420 Vancouver is the longest-running 420 celebration on April 20th in the world. 2019’s edition brought over 100,000 attendees to Vancouver’s Sunset Beach Park. As the 25th anniversary of the protest/festival, organizers provided world-class entertainment including performances by local artists including Boslen, Snotty Nose Rez Kids and hip hop legendary group Cypress Hill. For more information check out their Facebook Page here.

420 Toronto

Photo by: 420 Toronto

While previous year’s events were hosted a Yonge-Dundas Square and Nathan Phillips Square, 2019 saw Toronto’s first 420 event since legalization take place at Woodbine Park. The change in venue was to ensure organizers would be allowed to have a stage, and free farmers market assured to organizers by The Toronto Police and City of Toronto. 2020’s event has been postponed due to COVID-19, but for information on next year’s event, you can follow them on Facebook here.

420 Hyde Park (London)

Photo by: Reddit (User Unkown)

Several cannabis protests take place in the UK, but none is as big as the annual gathering at Hyde Park. 50,000 people attended 2019’s event according to organizers including young people and professionals alike. Cannabis remains illegal in the UK and there was a strong police presence at the event, although no arrests were made in 2019.

Mile High 420 Festival (Denver)

Photo by: Mile High 420 Festival

As the first US state to legalize cannabis, Colorado has had a strong stoner community for a long time. 2019’s event drew over 50,000 people to Denver’s Civic Center Park with performances by T.I. and Jermaine Dupri. Find more information on 2021’s event, on their Facebook page here.

420 Hippie Hill (San Francisco)

Photo by: 420 Hippie Hill

With Cannabis legalized in California, San Francisco’s 420 event is one of the largest in the country. 2019’s event had over 15,000 attendees visit the city’s Golden Gate Park and featured dozens of food trucks and vendors. Stay tuned to their Facebook Page for info on 2019’s event here.

Free Cannabis Community 420 Picnic (Melbourne)

The Free Cannabis Community organizes an annual 420 Picnic at Flagstaff Garden in Melbourne Australia. Starting in 2011, the event has grown to include an associated event in Sydney as well. Cannabis is still illegal in Australia and has not become a cultural norm as it is in Canada and the US. The event is a peaceful protest described by organizers as “an opportunity to call on the Victorian government to legalize adult cannabis use”. Learn more about their event here.

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