420 Paper Cranes For The Healing Of Canada With Cannabis

To  Whom It May Concern,

Canada is in need of some healing socially, economically and environmentally. Alongside many others, I truly believe that cannabis is and will continue to help and heal the citizens of Canada, the country itself and ultimately, the entire world… and we have to do everything we can to push this along…so we’re going to fold some paper cranes!

With a warm, open heart I would like to invite you to participate in this art project! The inspiration came from the story of a little girl folding 1000 cranes after the bombing of Hiroshima; she did this based on a legend that if she could fold 1000 paper cranes, she could heal her cancer.

The project is to create a hanging, wire Origami sculpture. We will do this by making 420 folded paper cranes using only used squares of parchment paper that had previously come in contact with cannabis in some form.

When 420 cranes have been folded, we will varnish them to preserve any shatter, rosin, resin or reclaim and then string them together to form a hanging wire sculpture.

The final sculpture is to be finished and presented to The Mayor and City Council of Victoria at the next approaching meeting.

You can be involved as much or as little as you like. The minimum effort would be giving a piece of used shatter parchment we can fold into a paper crane; the maximum effort being coming to fold cranes and help designs the final wire sculpture.

Ashley Abraham has been kind enough to allow the creation to happen at The Green Ceiling and grant free admission to work on this project.

July 12th – Day 1 – I met with the group and quickly discovered that although I have been folding these since I was a kid, I have no freaking idea how to teach someone else how to do it. On top of that, we are starting out with some pretty advanced origami for a beginner. The more I was failing to show people what to do, the more confused I was getting! I started to panic and forget how to fold my cranes! But then, a man with the patience of kindergarten teacher and the Origami confidence of a Japanese Monk came to the rescue. He taught everyone what to do like a knight in Origami armour, sent straight from the heavens…

July 19th – We folded cranes… oh yes we did… Decorated some too!!!

July 26th , Aug 3rd The project continues to take flight… Currently, we have about 250 cranes and are folding furiously in our spare time…

August 9th – 6pm – We will be meeting at The Green Ceiling to finish folding and decorating before the cranes are taken home to be varnished. Plus, we will also plan the final wire sculpture! We are still open to ideas!

August 16th Construct the final sculpture together! We have written many names of people who have been helped by cannabis, as well as what this plant did for them on several of the cranes.

The final sculpture will rest in a way that makes it possible to read each crane. Anyone admiring a crane might be able to see how cannabis helped that person, on some of the very same parchment from their very own medicine.

Our hope is that the people whose lives were immediately improved thanks to these cannabis wrappers become a little bit more real to the viewer. The evidence and beauty of how cannabis can heal Canada can be found all around us, even in our garbage.