Cannabis legalization about violence?

Cannabis legalization is about violence. Because when you label something violent, the government has its modus operandi.

Just ask Quebec’s jail guard union.

“According to union president Mathieu Lavoie, any contraband leads to violence — and marijuana could join the list of items which includes tobacco, medications and cell phones.”

Even a former inmate of 17 years agrees more violence could be a result, but he stresses that ”Violence in prison is often linked to debts, whether that’s drugs or gambling.”

Funny, you could make parallels with Canadian society.

Nevertheless, a Senator on a committee concerning cannabis legalization thinks smoking legal cannabis in prison can be used as a reward for good behaviour.

“If we can just make smoking a privilege and ask people, ‘You want to smoke? You have to make some effort in your rehabilitation process.’”

Hey, that hits close to home.

There is no pre-existing right to cannabis, it’s a privilege government is rewarding its citizens.

“Oops, sorry, we were wrong. Here’s some legal weed. But you can only buy from our dealers, you know, those former politicians and police officers.”

Liberal legalization isn’t respecting the industry that has cultivated the plant and made BC Bud world-renowned.

The government is just granting Canadians the privilege of smoking.

You want to grow it? 4 plants per household and only after x level of bureaucracy. Where x is determined by geography.

Grow it commercially? First, make some effort toward statism.

Fill out this form, invest this capital (outside the price range for many start-ups), also, follow these parameters, follow these guidelines, wait for approval from Health Canada’s bureaucrats who clearly aren’t the experts but act the part anyway.

This is how cannabis legalization is shaping up to be. This is how the entire country works.

Clearly, legalization isn’t about recognizing some pre-existing right to your own body and mind.

But BC Bud isn’t just going to disappear. Where will all those people go? Into the courts to receive an absolute discharge? What a waste of resources, especially at a time when murderers walk free.

With police still waging the drug war, perhaps this Quebec jail guard union is right. Under legalization, there will be more violence.

But the aggression won’t come from Canadian cannabis connoisseurs, who continue trading peacefully in protest.