5 Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

High quality cannabis is not cheap. Just ask the millions of smokers who can afford it.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of growing your own weed? Perhaps you should. Growing cannabis will help cut down the cost of purchasing it as well as provide you with a great experience. Growing cannabis may seem complicated with all of the advanced techniques out there because there is always something new to learn, but the basics are pretty simple. Once you have those down, you can easily produce high-quality weed yourself.

Here are some of the great benefits that come from growing your own cannabis.

Quality Control

One of the most significant advantages of growing cannabis is the quality control factor. I am sure you know the challenge that comes with purchasing through a dispensary or dealer- you never know what else it may contain. 

Did they use heavy pesticides been used to control pests? It may of been sprayed with a myriad of chemicals.

What types of fertilizers were used to grow the cannabis? Not even your dealer knows.

When you grow your marijuana, you know exactly what you are getting. By choosing your own cannabis fertilizers, you have total dominance over what is nourishing your plant. You will improve the overall quality of your final product.

Growing cannabis also provides you the chance to dry and cure your own and therefore improve the final quality leading to a much smoother smoke.

Also, as you continue growing cannabis, you will get the knowledge and expertise to produce more quality weed.

Saving money

The second great benefit of growing your own cannabis is the chance to save yourself plenty of money. Weed is expensive when you purchase it through a dispensary but incredibly cheap when you grow it yourself. Depending on where you live, you know how expensive weed can be. Though it’s amazing to support your local business, if you are living in an area where cannabis is legal to grow, doing so is a fantastic idea. All you really need is soil, seeds, water, and light- nature provides most of these for free.

There will be some initial costs to start, more so if you’re planning on doing it indoors. Most cannabis grows will almost always pay back the initial investment cost with just a single good harvest.

Stress relief

Most gardeners can agree that tending plants is indeed a hobby that can help relieve your daily stress. The same applies to cannabis growing.

During the entire period, you will definitely encounter various challenges. By growing a relationship with your plants you become more confident in your gardening skills. Taking time from your busy week to tend to your growing crop can really get your mind off things that are bugging you.

Seeing your beauties growing wonderfully will help you deal with stressful life situations.

Making Hash and Extracts

Do you love hash and extracts? If yes, then growing cannabis and using plant material (shake) to make extracts is very rewarding. Bubble hash can be made easily at home with inexpensive tools. Bubble hash bags separate the plant material from the trichomes, which can be then pressed into hash or used for making infused oils, butter, or cream. These by-products contain all the medicinal elements of cannabis and can be incorporated into many different products. In short, depending on the type of plant, you can easily and quickly get yourself a decent amount of hash as a byproduct.

Breeding New Strains

Are you looking forward to starting your own cannabis seed company? Then start growing cannabis today and you will definitely be on your way. By having complete control of your plants,  you will enjoy playing around with different strains. By finding strains that work for you, you can then produce high-quality cannabis seeds. You can also learn to cross pollinate different strains of cannabis plants, mixing and matching until you come up with a unique strain for yourself. By using male cannabis plants to induce seed growth instead of buds, you become self sufficient, and won’t be required to buy seeds again.

With all these advantages, it’s time to start learning all about actually growing cannabis. It’s a very rewarding experience that anyone can learn to do in their spare time.