5 Crazy Busts: Weed all about it

When it comes to weed, you either love it, or you don’t but unless you can’t read, there’s no denying that cannabis has loads of medicinal value. Yet still, this blazing and amazing plant is the center of bust after bust.

I took a look online to see what I could find when it came to weird weed busts. There were some odd ones, some dumb ones, and some ubiquitous ones. I picked a few out of the lineup to recap in this look at weird weed conundrums.

1. Georgia police go okra-zy

First up, we have a retired man in Georgia who’s minding his own business when a helicopter comes in super low followed by Georgia Narcotic Agents. What were they there for?

They thought the old timer was growing weed, but agents weren’t so happy after they learned the crop they came to pop wasn’t pot, it was okra. Not only did the eye in the sky mistake okra for weed, they damn near gave this old dude a heart attack. Not to mention the waste of tax dollars involved in the entire operation. Police, in their defense, said okra does look like cannabis.

Does okra really look like cannabis? You decide.
2. Doob Socks $400 A Pair

Washington DC, the capital of America, is one confusing place. Not only is it filled with some of the most crooked businesses on the planet (the IRS, The White House, etc.), it’s a collection of some of the worst politicians in the world too.

Weed is legal in DC, but there are no places to buy it. You are not allowed to sell it. You can gift up to an ounce to a bud as long as no money or services are exchanged. This was the loophole that folks thought they found a way around.

22 people were arrested, and 17 lbs. of weed confiscated during a recent bust in DC. The marijuana was being gifted to people who purchased a pair of tube socks for $400. The problem with this is that according to state law, it’s against the law. I mean $400 for some tube socks! That weed had better have been some fire.

3. Angry Naked Oklahoman Man Gets Landlord Busted for Growing 50 Pot Plants

Sunbathing in the nude and working on your car, what could be better? Well, lots of things actually, but we’ll just leave this alone. A man was in his birthday suit taking in some rays while working on his car in Oklahoma. Apparently, he has a bit of a raw, naked temper too.

Something went wrong while working on his car and angered the naked man. He busted out a window on his vehicle which neighbours thought was a gunshot. Before long a helicopter was hovering in the area. Our naked friend thought the bear in the air was there enjoying a peep show until more bears came out of the woods with guns pulled.

The naked man set twirling his ponytail. They weren’t there for the naked man, they were there for the 50 pot plants that the naked man’s landlord was growing on the property.

4. They Didn’t See Me, They Didn’t See Me

So, finally, a story that doesn’t end with a bust, well not entirely. While covering a raid on a cottage growing weed, a reporter catches something on film that is just funny. A man comes casually strolling around the corner where a raid is taking place.

The man was carrying a pot plant. When he see’s the reporter and cameraman, he bolts with the plant in hand. It looks like the fuzz got one less plant than they had planned on. The mystery man with the pot plant was seen by local authorities.

They didn’t seem to be too worried about it. They said they didn’t see any laws being broken. YAS!  I mean, after all, it’s a plant people! You can check out the video and get a laugh for yourself here.

Who’s that on the left behind the reporter?
5. Two Busted Smuggling 20 Pounds of Weed in Idaho By Calling the Cops on Themselves

These two give stoners a bad name. They deserve to be off the streets and in custody. A pair was busted in Idaho while smuggling 20 lbs. of weed. They were apparently getting high on their own supply, which must have been laced with something because these two called the cops on themselves.

While driving the weed across several states, the two became paranoid in Idaho after seeing a cop. They just knew they were being followed. The suspense was killing them, so they called dispatch to end it confessing to trafficking the weed.

What a waste of weed. Hopefully, it was some bad shit that was laced with drugs that was removed from the street. Everyone knows that smoking weed in a car tends to make you a little paranoid, but these two took it to another level.

People are still getting busted

As you can see, some crazy stories are circulating about weed busts. The sad side to these stories is that people are getting busted over weed. Except for the two who called the cops on themselves, they deserve that shit. Consume responsibly, share information and weed with others, and most importantly have a blazin’ and amazin’ week buds!


Article courtesy of Expert Joints. Written by JamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)