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7 Marijuana Apparel & Lifestyle Brands dominating the scene in 2020

To all you stylish stoners out there looking for a brand that you can better relate to, check out the following. In no particular order, here are 7 marijuana apparel & lifestyle brands dominating the scene this year.

Grassroots an American Marijuana Apparel & Lifestyle Brand

Grassroots an American Marijuana Apparel & Lifestyle Brand
Photo by: Grassroots California

This is an American brand that fuses streetwear with iconic counterculture fashion. Grassroots California has unique clothing and hats designed for those who were born to stand out! The Grassroots brand is well-known for its highly artistic hats that are incredibly beautiful inside and out. Aside from the designs, the hats vary in fit including snapback, strapback, fitted, dad hat, bucket hat, beanie, and more. If you are looking for the right statement piece to tye your whole outfit together, look no further! Seriously. Grassroots California has a hat designed for every occasion.

Did you know – The Grassroots hats are environmentally friendly as they are made with hemp!

Our products are both sustainable and functional; whether you’re out on the streets, travelling the world or at home in the studio.

– Grassroots California

Don’t forget, Grassroots offers some pretty sweet apparel too for both men and women. You can find trippy t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, yoga pants, and even funky accessories too!

Check them out for yourself! Here is the link.

Letter Shoppe Lifestyle Brand for Women

If you are all about female empowerment, this brand is for you! Dina Rodriquez is a graphic design artist based out of Michigan who creates art that entertains, engages, and inspires! Her work is very colourful and unique, each piece with a powerful message. Dina is passionate about promoting body positivity, mental health awareness, and (of course) cannabis culture. Dina Rodriquez is a daily smoker and she is trying to abolish the stigma that comes along with the smoking weed. She wants the world to accept the stoners and “Pass joints, not judgments” as per her popular design.

Dina Rodriquez
Photo by: Letter Shoppe Nation

If you connect with her mission, I highly recommend checking her out! Dina constantly has new designs coming out, as well as great sales for her merchandise. Head over to her website here or check out her Instagram.

The Higher Shop Apparel Brand

Higher Shop
Photo by: The Higher Shop

This brand is certainly dominating the scene! With hundreds of creative marijuana designs, there is something here for everyone at The Higher Shop. All of the designs offered on the site are unique, good quality, and surprisingly affordable. To go the extra mile, they even offer free shipping worldwide. The site has many clever parody designs for the happy toker. You can find a variety of clothing items here from t-shirts to sweaters, leggings, shorts, backpacks, and socks.

Check out their website here.

Stoner Days

Stoner Days have all sorts of creative designs that are loaded with pop culture references, tie-dye, and (of course) many weed leaves and nugs. This marijuana apparel and lifestyle brand offers a wide variety of T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, socks, and more for both men and women.

Stoner Days
Photo by: Stoner Days

Have a look for yourself here.

Marijuana Apparel Brand: Kush Friendly

You can tell by the name, this brand is here to promote kush friendly merchandise! Kush friendly offers unique clothing designs with an urban twist. The style of clothing here is a little less psychedelic and more likely items you would feel comfortable wearing on a day to day basis.

Marijuana Apparel Brand: Kush Friendly
Photo by: Kush Friendly

Jump to their website here.

Blaze and Leaf

This marijuana brand offers even more goodies for the stylish stoner! Blaze and Leaf have a great selection of clothing items as well as some household items too. On the website, you can find towels, pillows, blankets, even silly mugs!

Blaze and Leaf

Click here to check out their wide selection of marijuana apparel and lifestyle goods.

Stigma Activewear – For the active lifestyle

Stigma Activewear
Photo by: Stigma Activewear

Last but not least, Stigma is an activewear brand on a mission towards #redefiningcannabis. Many people associate stoners with laziness, however, we know that smoking a nice Sativa can give you a boost of energy! Stigma is here to change that old belief by developing a brand for the active stoner. This is a new brand, but certainly, one that is changing the game in 2020. Stigma Activewear currently has a small selection of apparel for men and women, but you can expect to see more soon!

Are you an active stoner looking for new gym clothes? Check out Stigma here.

We hope you enjoyed our 7 picks for marijuana apparel & lifestyle brands that are dominating the scene in 2020. Did we miss one of your faves? Let us know in the comments below, and if you have not already done so, follow us on Instagram @cannalifenet.

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