Last month, major Canadian cities announced Canada Day cancellations or reduced festivities, such as no fireworks.

The rationale is due to Canada’s history of racism and colonialism. So, instead of empowering disenfranchised minorities and encouraging them to be part of the Canadian experience, politicians want to ban Canada Day celebrations altogether.

It’s also worth noting that none of these minority groups asked for this.

As Melissa Mbarki in the National Post, “Indigenous people are Canadians. We have every right to celebrate Canada Day, even if others choose not to… Removing a holiday or a celebration that unites Canadians is not reconciliation. Actions like this further divide us.”

Of course, divide and conquer is the entire goal of Trudeau’s “post-national” Canada. 

But the tide is turning. Regular folk are beginning to notice how aggressive the “progressive” leftist cult has become. 

Whether it’s telling Muslim students they don’t belong here because they prefer not to celebrate Pride Month. Or suggesting that maybe giving children experimental puberty blockers has some unintended consequences.

A Poilievre Conservative government will not fix all of Canada’s problems. But it will fix Canada’s Trudeau problem.

So in the meantime, relax. Light up a joint. Celebrate Canada Day with friends and family. Regardless of what you think about Canada, it’s a three-day weekend. And that counts for something, right?

But how did we get here? How did Canada’s secular religion of self-hate take hold?

The Logic Behind Canada Day Cancellations

Canada Day Cancellations

If left-wing activists were serious about their proposals, they’d stop paying taxes. After all, what right does a colonial government on unceded First Nations land have?

But as is common with political activists, ideology only goes so far. Canadian cities are willing to cancel Canada Day celebrations in the name of “Reconciliation.” But what about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 outstanding calls to action?

These people don’t care about Indigenous people. Actions speak louder than words. Canada Day Cancellations are more likely to do with budget expenses. But why not virtue signal to obfuscate the issue? 

Bad ideas capture others—namely, critical theory.

Despite its name, this doctrine does not promote critical thinking. Enlightenment values such as individual autonomy, free speech, debate, reason, and skepticism are all examples of “white privilege” and a “colonial mindset.”

Critics call these concepts “Eurocentric” despite being universally true for all peoples.

Left-wing nut jobs will champion peace, equality, and justice while promoting policies and politicians that centralize power and divide people based on socially constructed identities.

The far-left activist projects their own insecurities. They lead with their conclusions. “Critical Theory” doesn’t critique. It’s not based on data, proof, or deductive reasoning. It’s a fact-free ideology.

Canada Day Cancellations as a Manifestation of Wokeness

Critical Theory is the intellectual foundation of the progressive cult. That’s why Canada Day cancellations make sense to them. Their ideas have morphed into a civic religion. And that’s the true definition of “woke.”

Like many religions, it’s not open for debate. In medieval times, disavowing the Church and declaring yourself atheist or agnostic was punishable by death.

Today? If you suggest that only women can get pregnant or that men don’t menstruate, the woke mob will threaten your reputation and livelihood.

Once upon a time, only fringe university professors believed in these ideas. Now they’re dominant in all major institutions, public and private: corporations, police, public schools, public health, and even law societies.

How did this come to be? Through a long march through the institutions. Marxists at the University of Frankfurt realized Westerners didn’t see themselves as exploited workers. 

Instead of reassessing the validity of their ideology, they developed new theories. Exploitation was no longer just about capitalists versus workers. Power and oppression defined all relationships in society—even scientific knowledge.

Canada Day cancellations are simply a manifestation of this ideology.

Canada’s Cultural Revolution

Canada Day Cancellations

Universities indoctrinate students into critical theory. Professors and teachers don’t give students the tools to think critically. On the contrary, these groups believe this theory is critical thinking. 

The students have now graduated and are populating HR departments and public schools.

It’s a Maoist cultural revolution. Any attempt at using reason or logic is a manifestation of privilege and power.

James Lindsay, a critic of critical theory, calls this the “kafkatrap.” “Notice race? Because you’re racist. Don’t? Because you’re privileged, thus racist.” 

Or as Queens University law professor Bruce Pardy puts it, “If you deny that you are a witch, then you are a witch. And if you do not deny it, then you are a witch for sure.”

Canada Day Cancellations? Why Not Cancel Canada?

Against this backdrop, Canada Day cancellations make sense. But why not go further? Why not De-legitimatize Canada altogether?

Like the above quotes from Lindsay and Pardy, reason does not play a factor.

Support the Dominion of Canada? Then you’re a racist. Don’t support Canada? Still a racist because Trudeau’s post-national Canada is correcting past injustices.

You can interpret Canada Day cancellations any way you want. Double standards are a feature of critical theory, not a bug. 

Consider what critical theory propagandist Herbert Marcuse wrote in 1965.

Movements from the left must be extended tolerance, even when they are violent, while movements from the right must not be tolerated, including suppressing them by violence.

That’s how Trudeau was able to attend a Black Lives Matter march in 2020. One week after telling Canadians to stay in their homes because of the flu. 

And then he declares a public emergency over a peaceful “right-wing” protest.

It’s why burning Christian churches went unnoticed by the Trudeau government and most “journalists” in the corporate press. 

But a hoax about mass graves of Indigenous children went viral. Even to the point where the Trudeau government is now looking into criminalizing the speech of anyone questioning this narrative.

Canada Day cancellations are left-wing and thus tolerated. Flying a Canadian flag on the back of your pick-up is right-wing and thus “white supremacy.”

What Happened to the Left? 

Canada Day Cancellations

A lot of people don’t understand what happened to the left. Weren’t they about free speech and dissenting from establishment orthodoxy?

Once upon a time, yes. But like any successful left-wing revolution, the rebels began to eat their own. Baby boomers stumped by the next generation of far-left activists have no one but themselves to blame. 

“Conservative” concepts of private property, religion, and sexual modesty were in place for a reason.

That’s not to say we can justify all these concepts. Or that everyone must follow conservative traditions. 

The subjection of women and minorities was and is still reprehensible. But consider how these black marks on human history manifest under the progressive cult.

Women are losing their exclusive spaces to men with mental health problems pretending to be women. The “progressive” cult encourages this. 

The cult expects minorities to think and vote a certain way (i.e. for left-wing parties). If they fail to do so, they are “Oreos,” “sellouts,” or some other racist remark.

How Cannabis Can Save Canada

Canada Day Cancellations

Full discourse: I don’t care about saving Canada. I couldn’t care less about Canada Day cancellations since I hate crowds and find fireworks extremely overrated. 

Besides, Canada is a made-up country. Invisible lines on a map. This entire continent is 25 million square kilometres. There are only three countries (Canada, USA, Mexico) and several small island nations.

On the other hand, Europe is only 10 million square kilometres and home to 51 countries.

North America can be home to over 100 nation-states. Like Europe, we can continue to trade with each other.

Each country can set its own course. Some can experiment with far-left ideologies. Others can embrace liberal and conservative values that we know work.

Values that made Western civilization free and prosperous.

There are over three million square kilometres of farmland in North America. Instead of growing corn, soy, and canola for ultra-processed junk food, we can implement regenerative farming. 

We can also grow hemp. Instead of banning plastics and robbing people through carbon taxes, we can rebuild an industrial society based on cannabis production.

Hemp is a versatile plant that can produce textiles, paper, construction materials, biofuels, and even biodegradable plastics.

But getting from A to B will be a challenge. Millions don’t see their “progressive” views for what they are – a secular, civic religion. They have smug “holier than thou” attitudes. They think anyone who disagrees with them is engaging in “hate speech.”

But fortunately for us, this cult of self-hatred also believes Canada is a neo-colonial white supremacist state. 

And therefore, the rest of us are justified in seceding from this lunacy. We’ll create our own nation-state. With blackjacks and hookers. 

Happy Canada Day, everyone.