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Joint Rolling Competition: Products by SEC

Who’s the best at joint rolling? Every group of friends has its go-to roller. Maybe it’s you?

If you’ve ever wondered how well their (or your) joint rolling skills stack up, check out the Joint Rolling Competition presented by Products by SeC. And who better to host and judge this awesome pop-up event than The Expert of Expert Joints himself, Craig Ex.

By now, you’re probably wondering how the joints will be judged. Maybe you’re thinking it will be based on who can roll the fastest or fattest joint. Well, it’s neither, as Craig Ex says he’s looking for the nicest joint that’s rolled within the allotted time- which is 4 minutes and 20 seconds, of course!

As Craig lays down the ground rules, a big jar of cannabis goes around and the competitors grab a few fat nugs each.

Round one: Visual Inspection

The contestants rushed to get their joints rolled as the timer counted down, and now it’s time for the moment of truth. Who rolled the best overall joint?

One person was eliminated automatically because they were not able to finish on time, although they did manage to grind up a large amount of cannabis.

Another roller got fancy with their joint, utilizing the “inside out” method that’s famous for using less paper than the regular rolling style.

Someone was showing off their speed rolling skills, rolling up two joints- one filtered, the other not.

Round 2: Smoke Test

There was a nicely shaped cone, and one with a little “hiccup” at the top, as Craig called it.

While the “inside out” joint sure was eye-catching, it lost a point because it didn’t burn exactly as planned. Next up was what the roller called “The chilling on the couch watching Netflix” joint, which Craig said provided “a nice even smoke”.

One of the joints started to burn a bit unevenly, getting that dreaded canoe effect, but all in all, the joints were well put together, which made it a difficult decision for Craig.

And the joint rolling winner is….

“The chilling on the couch watching Netflix” joint! The skilled roller won a great prize pack filled with delicious edibles from Products by SeC.

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