Usually, around this time of year, California would be gearing up for The Emerald Cup. The event happened every year and was a favorite for many. Why? For those attending, The Emerald Cup promised a great time with lots of weed and entertainment, but, that’s not all. A renowned cannabis contest with over twenty different categories, the competition was always stiff. The best would compete against each other, making a win at The Emerald Cup a master’s mark of quality.

Want to see what goes on at The Emerald Cup? Join Craig Ex from Expert Joints as he takes you on a tour!

As the Emerald Cup will not be taking place this year, The Cannabis Life Network would like to show some love and reminisce on some good times had. Wishing all of our friends down in California the best of health and happiness.

With that being said, here is a Weed Wordsearch – Ode to The Emerald Cup.

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Quick Throwback: Craig Ex & The Soil King at the 2018 Emerald Cup!

During a quick chat with California’s Soil King, Craig Ex of Expert Joints was asked the question, “what would your strain name be?” His response? The Ex-Factor.

Find the Soil King online at .

Have you attended The Emerald Cup? Let us know in the comments below!