Ask an Expert, Dr. Markus Roggen

Guess what? He’s back! That’s right! We managed to talk Dr. Markus Roggen Ph.D. into another round! Welcome to Season 2 of Ask an Expert!

Dr. Markus Roggen, PhD. has a doctorate in Chemistry. He is the founder and CEO of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures LTD, a licensed cannabis research laboratory. Earlier this year, he agreed to let us ask him anything we wanted surrounding cannabis… anything. Even better, he’s willing to do it again! Hooray for that because we stoners can come up with some very interesting, unusual, and deep questions, especially after a good session.

Last Season we were warming him up but this time, we did not hold back. Thanks to the viewers posting questions on our social media, we have had a lot to work with!

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 1 of Ask an Expert with Dr. Markus Roggen, Ph.D.

Episode 1 – You asked and Dr. Markus Roggen answered! 

I accidentally ate a 150mg weed edible and I’ve never smoked or anything before. What should I do?

Enjoy the ride and treat the symptoms. Know that you aren’t going to die. Have fun.

Is it true that weed Sativa makes your hyper but weed Indica makes you sleepy?

No. The cause of the effect does not come from the shape of the leaf; it comes from the chemical make-up of the plant’s genetics, the breeding, and processing conditions. The Indica, Sativa bullshit is an old marketing ploy. 

Does being in the keto speed up the “flushing” of the THC out of my body? Or does it slow it down?

…Why?.. Yes, THC is fat-soluble and keto is eating lots of bacon and diet coke. But, you aren’t shitting butter so how would you get the THC out of your system? 

…. No, keto doesn’t help.

If I add sea monkeys to my bong water, will they clean the resin when fully grown? I have the right precautions to ensure I don’t ingest any sea monkeys during this process. 

Sea monkeys are small shrimp that come dried in a small package. You add water and get a second pack of nutrients to basically grow them. This was big in the ’70s, before my time by the way. So shrimp don’t eat resin, they eat carbohydrates, protein, and mainly plankton. Maybe put some weed in the water for them?

How much stronger and tastier would cannabis be if you soaked it in alcohol and dred before smoking it?

I have no idea what dred is. Should you add ethanol to cannabis? If you want to make cannabis concentrates then yes, you should. If you want to just consume it, fuck no! Uh… Drug, drug interactions…(pauses while shaking head at the camera)…uh…. No. don’t. Really no. 

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