We’re back to answer your questions! Does weed make you hallucinate? Did Jesus smoke it? Ask An Expert and get an answer from Dr. Markus Roggen. He is the founder and CEO of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures LTD, a licensed cannabis research laboratory. He’s letting us pick his brain, again. 

Dr. Markus has been answering all sorts of strange and interesting questions and we never seem to run out! At this point, it’s safe to say that we stoners get pretty creative, as well as curious. Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions through our social media. You guys have really outdone yourselves. Thank you for that!

Welcome to this week’s episode of Ask an Expert with interesting questions like does weed make us hallucinate! Episode 3 – You asked and Dr. Markus Roggen answered! 

Why does marijuana make me have fun “I don’t care” attitude?

I don’t know… And don’t care. Maybe you haven’t found the right strain? 

Will smoking 3 grams of cannabis get me too high if I haven’t smoked ever before?

Yes. Let’s do some quick math:

If we take a good cannabis flower, we could say there is roughly 20% THC per gram. So that means 3 grams is 600mg of THC. The recommended dose is 5 to 10 mg so this would be 60 times over that. If you don’t have any experience with cannabis and have no tolerance oh, you are in for a ride.

Does weed make you hallucinate

Can smoking cannabis trigger schizophrenia in some people?

Yes. Cannabis can lead to psychosis and schizophrenia. The people that are most at risk are people with similar symptoms from their past or if you have a family history.

Did Jesus use cannabis?

Look, I’m a chemist and you ask me medical questions, but now it’s about Bible study? There have been archaeological finds of cannabis in the area, modern-day Israel. They have found a temple from 600 BC where cannabis was burned on the altar. Also, there’s been a discussion about weed being referred to in the Bible is actually a mistranslation from hemp. Could this be weed? I don’t know. There is definitely not a description of The Last Supper that includes everyone lighting a blunt. 

Do Jesus smoke cannabis?

Did cannabis help Moses to communicate with God?

Okay, we are doing this. Welcome to Sunday school.

I think if you’re stuck on a mountain alone for 7 days, you will talk to anything that comes up in your mind.

Is cannabis a hallucinogen?

That is a very rare outcome. It’s more common that cannabis leads to delusions. Refer to the previous videos about cannabis making you feel like a genius… 

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