New Music Friday: Eminem, Paul McCartney, tobi lou and UPSAHL

New Music Friday: Eminem, Paul McCartney, tobi lou and UPSAHL

Welcome back to another round of New Music Friday! Tons of new music to review but here are our picks for this week. Today we feature Eminem, Paul McCartney, Tobi Lou, and UPSAHL.

Gnat – Eminem

Eminem, a man crowned the king of rap for a few years comes back with a modern twist on his music. This track comes off of the deluxe version of his ‘Music To Be Murdered’ album. He skillfully intertwines various issues occurring in the world including Covid-19 while referencing politics in a clever way. His line ‘ain’t nothing you say can ever trump, mic, pencil get killed’, is a clear reference to the past political leaders of the US. However, he follows the line up with ‘If you’rе hypersensitive I wasn’t rеferencin’ the Vice President, chill’. This swift wordplay is an example of why he was once at the top of the game. One can only wonder what other bars he’ll be able to lay down as he grows wiser with age.

Find My Way – Paul McCartney

The legendary Paul McCartney comes back with a track that feels like a fusion between modern pop and the old sound that brought him to fame. The instrumental feels like something that would have come out of the Beatles era but it has a modern treatment to it creating a nostalgic yet clean sound. The lyrics also feature an uplifting message stating that although it is an uncertain time, you’ve always been able to navigate through your life. Despite it all, you’ve always been able to ‘find your way’.

2hrs – Tobi Lou

Tobi Lou, notorious for his upbeat and playful beats, switches his style up on this track. The beat is a slow, minimal, and emotional one that allows Lou’s voice to shine and the lyrics to stand out. In this song, he narrates the struggles of staying strong after a breakup. It is really a special moment when artists open up like this as it really shows us that they are just people and can share the same experiences as us. A must listen during these cold wintery nights.

Arizona – UPSAHL

Our final feature for this week comes from UPSAHL. This song hits all the marks of a quality pop song. Strong drums, catchy melody, and some angsty lyrics. In the song, it can be felt that an artist who knows themselves struggles with being themselves with the current state of the world. She mentions that although the world wants an individual who is strong, independent, and knows themselves, it’s ‘hard not to give a f**k when no one understands’. An easy jam to listen to and definitely one that will have you humming the lyrics after a few listens.

And those are our picks for this week’s edition of New Music Friday. Let us know in the comments below what other tracks you’ll be listening to! Also if you missed last week’s playlist then click here