Friday Function Recap: Awood, Bass Cat, Barron S, Mazuu

Once again we’re back with our weekly recap of Friday Function, a weekly livestream series created to elevate Vancouver music. Last Friday we saw some absolutely killer sets from DJs from the house music scene. Curated by Steph Tsunami, this week Studio710 and Kumo Promotions featured Awood, BassCat, Barron S and Mazuu.


Awood got into DJing by being inspired by the local festival scene here in Vancouver. Most notably Shambhala and Bass Coast, she mentions that these festivals were nothing life changing. This helped inspire their pursuit for music. Although her style revolves around house and techno, they mentions that they aren’t tied down to any specific genres. In fact, Awood likes to mix different sounds together creating uniqueness in her sets. 

Sisi then goes to mention that one of the most important things about being a DJ is to read the crowd. Despite the challenges of not having an audience, Awood still masterfully crafts a set that takes you on a journey through the best of house and techno.

Bass Cat

Only DJing for 3 years, Bass Cat brings her 15 years of house music listening experience onto the stream and curated an unforgettable set for us. She brought the party with a whole variety of bass driven house tracks that made us reminisce of the festival and club scene. Without a doubt Bass Cat would have rocked any dance floor in Vancouver and we were lucky enough for her to grace us with her presence on the Friday Function livestream. If you’ve been needing a good set to dance to, this is one is the one for you.

Barron S

Barron S, the resident DJ of the Vancouver Canucks, came on this week’s stream and brought the high energy dance vibes to the livestream. Her performance behind the decks was energetic and contagious and had the stream going off. Her mix of new age sounds as well as old school classic remixes really created a set for everyone. No matter who you are, with Barron S, you’ll find music that you’ll enjoy as well as music you never knew you liked.


A big switch up in energy in the stream, Mazuu brought some dark techno and minimal techno to end off the night. An intriguing sounding set, Mazuu never let the beat die throughout the entirety of her hour. You can find her streaming weekly Monday and Tuesday evenings here, to get your fill of the darker and minimal sounds.

A big thank you one again the DJs who came and performed on January 29’s Friday Function. Another week has flown by filled with amazing Vancouver talent on the Friday Function Livestreams.

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