Sisi Named New Hostess of Friday Function Livestream

Sisi Named New Hostess of Friday Function Livestream

Each week it seems as though Friday Function brings in something new.

Recently, Sisi was named the official hostess for the weekly DJ Livestream series. Friday Function is a collaborative effort between Kumo Promotions and Studio710. The purpose of the Livestream is to provide a platform for DJs and artists who have lost opportunities due to the pandemic.

Tune in on January 8th for the next Friday Function Livestream.

We asked Sisi how she got involved with Friday Function.

“I got invited to DJ for a Friday Function, although my set was a little rough, Koji came up to me after and asked if I wanted to host, I was shocked.”

– Sydney Rodriguez (aka Sisi)

We asked Koji why he decided to bring on Sisi to host Friday Function.

“We were looking for a hostess for a while before we brought her on. When she came into DJ, I just felt her bubbly personality and felt like she would make a great face for the livestreams”.

-Koji Aiken

How Does It Feel To Be The Hostess?

Being able to host the show has been a huge benefit for Sisi in many ways. It has helped her with public speaking and helped connect her with many industry members. It has been an extremely fun experience for her.

“Being able to see all the amazing local talent and actually be able to talk and get to know them has been super fun. It’s allowed for more music for me to look out for, and more people to support locally.”

Sydney Rodriguez (aka Sisi)

What Are You Hoping To Achieve?

She hopes to develop her mic skills and be able to translate them to her DJ gigs. The ability to communicate with the crowd and connect with them was always something that she strived to do. She hopes by hosting that she will hone this skill.

“I want to use this opportunity to be myself. Let Sydney be Sydney. I want to create more of a presence and let that presence be me. I want to share Syd”.

Sydney Rodriguez (aka Sisi)

Who Are Some Artists You Would Love To Interview On The Friday Function Livestream?

When asked about who her dream interviewee was she had said Ekali. However, the big names that she would want to interview are Skrillex, Dillon Francis, and Major Lazer.

It seems that this role was a perfect fit for Sisi. Her hype energy seems to be exactly what the Livestream needed to be taken to the next level. We cannot wait to see how she grows into the hostess role and where she will be going in 2021.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity, thank you very very much. I’m very excited for the destination, but I’m more excited to be apart of the journey”.

Sydney Rodriguez (aka Sisi)

Have you tuned into our Friday Function Livestream series? Who was your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments! Check out Studio710’s Youtube channel where you can find all the Livestream entertainment.