Review of Cowboy Diplomacy’s “Easier When I’m Stoned”

“Easier When I’m Stoned” is the latest must-listen single from four-piece alternative blues rock band Cowboy Diplomacy. The track contemplates the break from reality that getting stoned offers — and as we near the final months of 2021, I think we all need a break. As Cowboy Diplomacy says, “the real world is hard.”

Easier When I’m Stoned – Cowboy Diplomacy

Based out of Austin, Texas, Cowboy Diplomacy consists of Ian Cochran, Zac Walden, Brad Bentley, and Matt Leslie. 

“Easier When I’m Stoned” has a dreamy, poignant sound with a country twang to it. At four minutes and twenty seconds exactly, Cowboy Diplomacy brings all the self-awareness of a Trevor Moore WKUK-era classic, with the kind of believability of any Black Keys b-side.

Lead vocalist Ian Cochran opens with a question: “have you ever felt like you’re drowning in reality?” If there was ever a motto for the last year, well, that’s probably it. There’s almost something a little Jon Mess-esque about it, but it resonates. Reality is extremely overwhelming at times, to the point where a break from our responsibilities and problems is necessary for our health. 

I think we are all aware of the dangers that come with numbing the pain too much. Cochran knows that, too. This is something more innocent, like getting lost in the chip aisle of a bodega rather than down a bottle. He emphasizes this interval is merely “for the time being.” The dream cannot, and will not last forever.

Cowboy Diplomacy’s “Easier When I’m Stoned” reminds us that an escape from reality doesn’t have to be extreme to the point that it’s harmful. It can also be a useful breather on a tough day. 

It’s no coincidence, perhaps, that the song feels like a deep breath with its lullaby quality and calming sound. It reassures the listener that you can leave your worries behind and take a moment to indulge in a daydream, allowing the mind to wander — even just to the fridge.