The Woods - Canadian Lumber - Rolling Papers
The Woods - Canadian Lumber - Rolling Papers

Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are what our world revolves around sometimes. When you need one, you can’t find one, and when you finally do, it’s ripped, or the glue doesn’t stick. Thankfully, as a smoker, rolling papers are as plentiful as the people who need them. It wasn’t until recently when my everyday go-to stopped working for me, I realized the importance of a good paper.

I don’t know about you, but I reached for the same papers I had seen all my life in movies, on family member’s countertops and what was around when I first started toking. They’re a classic standby for a good reason, ZigZags. But, to be honest, for the last fifteen years, I’ve never had many problems with them — until now. Recently every joint I’ve rolled has fallen apart, the gum not holding for the entire joint.

I tried many different types of paper, in many different sizes. It seemed like I would have to shift to be a bong gal because nothing was working. That was until the friendly neighbourhood head shop worker pointed out his favourite brand — Canadian Lumber.

Canadian Lumber
Photo Courtesy of Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers

Canadian Lumber rolling papers serve three different rollies styles: The Woods, The Hippies or The Greens. Each is available in regular or 1.25 sized leaves — an advantage to smoking the 1.25’s is that they all come with filters! A detailed description of each paper is on the website here, but I’ve brought the important bits here for you to check over.

The Woods

– All-natural wood pulp
– Reversible Tray Packaging (1.25s)
– Tips included (1.25s)
– One of the thinnest wood-based papers on the market
– Natural brown colour

The Greens

– All-natural Hemp
– Reversible Tray Packaging (1.25s)
– Tips included (1.25s)
– Slowest burn
– Visible plant fibres

The Hippy

– All-Natural Flax & Hemp
– Reversible Tray Packaging (1.25s)
– Tips included (1.25s)
– Unique combination of flax and hemp
– Resembles rice paper

For the health-conscious smoker, The Hippy is a fantastic choice, not just for personal health but also for world impact. Personally, I adore The Greens, I love a slow burn and these papers have replaced my ZigZag silvers completely. Being unbleached, they may burn slightly differently than most people are used to. This is because mainstream rolling papers are made from pulp that has been bleached to get that white colour we tend to expect.

Ethical Rolling Papers

Canadian Lumber started in Novia Scotia, a province that began cultivating cannabis in 1607, and they focus on what one could call the “Canadian dream.”

We work hard to make sure Canadian Lumber not only represents what we believe in, but what all Canadians believe in: Honesty, Responsibility, and Quality.

Canadian Lumber is easy to roll, easy to use and easy to find. These papers live up to the hype they were sold to me on, and I’m excited to hear what others think as well. Check out Canadian Lumber’s Instagram. Afterwards, come over to ours and let us know which of the rollies are your favourite. 

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