Are you a fan of smoking blunts? Sad to say that you might need to find a new favorite. The FDA is moving to ban menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco; unfortunately, blunt wraps are likely to become a casualty. The most popular brands of blunt wraps are flavored, thus, will be illegal if this new ban goes through. As much as that is going to suck for some people, there are other options out there that make perfect replacement for blunt wraps. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Hemp Blunt Papers

Hemp blunt papers make sense because they look and feel very similar to tobacco wraps but are nowhere near as harmful. Tobacco is bad for you but cannabis has health benefits, thus, this is a choice that you can feel good about. 

Hemp blunt papers


Smoking a blunt has a celebratory aspect to it and this can be easily replicated with a cannagar. Much like a cigar, cannagars take a while to smoke (usually an hour, at least). Every company makes them different but all contain a blend of flower and concentrates. If you see one, you’ll know by the signature cannabis leaf wrapping and price tag. Definitely a stogie for a special occasion, these cannons cost an average of forty to eighty bucks each.

smoking weed

Deluxe Vapes, tools, and smoking gadgets

Let’s be honest, blunts are fancy and that’s part of the appeal. After all, it takes more than half a gram to roll a decent-sized blunt. Smoking a blunt feels deluxe but so does using a Puffco Peak. 

deluxe vapes, tools

There are so many high-tech vapes and devices that take the cannabis experience to new heights. From flower vapes to gravity bong style dab rigs, there’s a lot of fun options out there. Put down the blunt and try hitting a sublimator! If that’s not for you, no problem, because there are loads of stoner toys to try. Plus, a lot of them come in rose gold.

Gold Rolling Papers

Some people love weed so much that they want to wrap it in gold. As it turns out, that’s actually a thing. That’s right, you can roll up a joint with a 24 karat gold rolling paper. Made with edible gold leaf, this luxury does not come cheap; expect to pay around $25 for a two-pack of papers. In terms of safety, there is no data available surrounding the effects of smoking gold. While that isn’t very reassuring, it’s better than a tobacco blunt wrap. 

blunt wraps

Years ago, if you got caught smoking a blunt, you’d be in trouble for the weed, not the wrap; pretty soon, it might become the opposite. This might be a good thing because cannabis is healthy and tobacco isn’t. Thankfully, there are lots of great options available as replacement for blunt wraps.