Ten Reasons to Ignore the FDA and Try CBD

There are at least ten reasons to ignore the FDA and try CBD.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration published a study this week suggesting that long-term use of CBD leads to liver toxicity and reproductive issues in males and females.

They used animal studies to support their conclusions.

But what about studies done on human beings showing CBD’s benefits? Here are ten reasons to ignore the biased FDA and try non-toxic CBD.

10. Ignore the FDA and Try CBD because CBD Can Solve the Opioid Crisis

Ignore the FDA and Try CBD because CBD Can Solve the Opioid Crisis

A study published in 2019 found CBD reduced cravings and anxiety related to heroin withdrawals. This study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 42 people.

Want to solve the opioid crisis? Instead of handing out weak opioids that addicts turn around and sell for fentanyl, hand out CBD.

Make CBD so plentiful that it too will drop to 25 cents for an 8mg capsule.

9. CBD Blocks Covid

We’ve covered this before. While it’s not conclusive, it’s certainly promising. No wonder the FDA wants the public to link “CBD” with “toxicity.” The powers that be profited immensely from covid hysteria.

The last thing they want is a non-toxic, all-natural cure—another reason to ignore the FDA and try CBD.

8. CBD Reduces Anxiety 

CBD Reduces Anxiety

The mental health cottage industry generates billions every year. Pharma doles out a cocktail of anti-anxiety meds that doctors prescribe like candy, all with side effects that are sometimes worse than anxiety.

But once again, we can ignore the FDA and try CBD knowing full well that the science is on our side. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial demonstrated how CBD reduces social anxiety disorder, the most common form of anxiety. 

Of course, like the heroin withdrawal example, the participants took up to 400mg of CBD daily. To make these doses affordable, governments everywhere must open their cannabis markets and allow for unrestricted trade.

No more licenses or special regulations. Cannabis is a vegetable that belongs at your local farmers’ market.

7. CBD Protects the Immune System so Ignore the FDA and Try CBD

CBD Protects the Immune System so Ignore the FDA and Try CBD

Using data from animal studies, the FDA concludes that CBD harms the immune system and makes it less effective in fighting cancer.

No other studies find this.

Most studies find that CBD stimulates the uptake of hormones that support the immune system. Specifically, CBD increases the activity of TRPV2 receptors which makes communications between cells more effective.

(Sidebar: isn’t it interesting that Ivermectin was called “horse dewormer” by the corporate press despite some of its success in combating covid in human beings? But to prove CBD is toxic, the FDA has to throw out every study on people and relies on data solely from animals).

6. CBD is an Anti-inflammatory

Being anti-inflammatory is one of the significant benefits of CBD. It’s also one of its most well-known effects. Inflammation, of course, is an immune system response. So once again, the FDA’s claims are questionable.

Chronic inflammation can weaken the immune system, hence why CBD is sought after by many with autoimmune issues.

5. CBD Reduces Oxidative Stress

CBD Reduces Oxidative Stress

Reducing oxidative stress is related to CBD’s role in reducing inflammation. But it’s worth noting since the FDA study suggested the opposite.

Of course, this 2020 review of the literature found that “multidirectional biological effects have been demonstrated in various preclinical models, including the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol.”

And to be fair to the FDA, this review also found that “CBD may interfere with the hepatic metabolism of some drugs by inactivating cytochrome P450 3A and P450 2C.”

In other words: if you’re taking drugs metabolized by the liver, check with a doctor before mixing in CBD.

4. CBD Reduces Pain which is an Important Reason to Ignore the FDA and Try CBD

CBD Reduces Pain which is an Important Reason to Ignore the FDA and Try CBD

Ignore the FDA and try CBD. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, that’s your best bet. Even if the FDA’s study is 100% accurate and that long-term CBD use is toxic – that might be a worthwhile trade-off.

Everybody knows alcohol wreaks havoc on the liver. But that doesn’t stop people from binge drinking.

Likewise, if it’s true that CBD will wreck your liver in the long term, is that not an appropriate trade-off for those experiencing chronic pain?

The studies show a THC-CBD combo work best.

So who is the FDA to tell suffering Americans that they shouldn’t try this natural herb because, maybe, potentially, just possibly, according to animal studies, it might cause liver toxicity in the long run? 

Whether the pain is chronic or acute, I’ll take my chances.

3. CBD Reduces Seizures

CBD Reduces Seizures
Child accepts a medicine

If you have a child with epilepsy, will you fret over some long-term possibility that the liver may get damaged? Or are you looking for an immediate solution?

CBD’s ability to reduce and even eliminate seizures in children warrants its legalization and mainstream acceptance. Full stop.

Of course, the FDA has already approved a CBD-derived drug. Epidiolex is a patented CBD-derived pharmaceutical designed to treat epilepsy.

In other words, the cannabis plant alone isn’t enough. We need capital-intensive pharmaceutical companies to extract the cannabinoids and package them into a manufactured drug the FDA can approve.

Only then will these liver toxicity concerns disappear. 

2. CBD Aids Sleep

According to the CDC, more than a third of American adults aren’t getting enough sleep. CBD helps with that. So once again, we can ignore the FDA and try CBD. 

Even if the FDA’s claims are all true (a low probability, but let’s throw them a bone), liver toxicity in old age will be the least of your concerns. 

If you’ve spent the last few decades suffering from chronic insomnia, the same long-term effects as alcohol consumption shouldn’t phase you.

Sleep is crucial to maintaining good health.

1. The FDA is Biased & Useless it’s Better to Ignore the FDA and Try CBD

The FDA is Biased & Useless it's Better to Ignore the FDA and Try CBD
Who regulates the regulators?

The number one reason Americans can (and should) ignore the FDA and try CBD is because the FDA is biased.

And with over half of their funding coming from the pharmaceutical companies they’re supposed to be regulating – the FDA is useless, too.

The FDA has long supported cannabis’ classification as a Schedule 1 drug. Meaning it has no therapeutic or medicinal value.

How far does your head have to be up your ass to believe such nonsense?

What about FDA enforcement? Surely, the section of the bureaucracy not funded by big pharma protects Americans from fraudulent claims made by drug manufacturers.

No, the FDA has not addressed the lies, fraud and propaganda about the covid vaccines.

But suggest that cannabis helps with cancer? Or, as per scientific inquiry, that it has the potential to block a covid infections?

The FDA will have nothing but time and attention for you. The FDA has one purpose and one purpose only: gatekeeping.

Protect the pharma cartel and ensure Americans don’t get too independently healthy. Health comes from a patented pill, not your diet or natural plant compounds.

Like its northern neighbor Canada, U.S. health regulators are increasingly funded by the people they’re supposed to regulate.

In what world does that make sense? The FDA is not a private accreditation company. Cannabis companies can’t ignore them. 

But Americans can ignore the FDA and try CBD. And it’s high time they do. It’s time to rein in the excess bureaucracies choking the once-free and prosperous union.