Frenchy Cannoli and his infectious laugh he shared with everyone
Frenchy Cannoli at Emerald Cup 2017 with Cannabis Life Network being interviewed

The cannabis community is grieving a new loss as we say goodbye to Frenchy Cannoli. A prominent cannabis activist and we’ll respected educator, he was all about hash. He devoted his life to the pursuit of cannabis concentrates and shared his knowledge with anyone who asked. Frenchy Cannoli really cared about making information available to the public. From the benefits of using hash to how to make it at home, he made an effort to spread the word. He lived an extraordinary life and will be missed by many.

Good memories: Craig Ex of Expert Joints dabs with Frenchy Cannoli. 

Early Life

Born in France, Frenchy grew up traveling with his parents. His father taught philosophy and was posted on the African coastline of Gabon; Frenchy and his mother came with him. At seventeen years old, he tried smoking hash and instantly fell in love. Although he didn’t know it at the time, that one toke would light a fire within him and set his life in a new direction. For the next twenty years, Frenchy Cannoli traveled the globe, nomadically searching for the greatest hash. Obsessed with learning about cannabis resin, he visited Morocco, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. He was a happy and vibrant guy, which always helped him get along with the locals. In many cases, they would share their wisdom with him and teach him ancient techniques, handed down for generations. Eventually, Frenchy settled in California and began working with farmers in the Emerald Triangle. Bringing the wine cultivation approach to the legal world of cannabis, Frenchy Cannoli’s brand of hash is known as the highest quality. 

Purple Punch Hash – Photo Courtesy of Frenchy Cannoli

“Collecting live resin from wild cannabis plants on my bare hands in remote valleys at the feet of the Himalayas has been by far the most engaging and extraordinary experience of my life.”

Frenchy Cannoli
Frenchy Cannoli at work Emerald Cup 2017
Emerald Cup 2017 with legendary hash maker and cannabis activist Frenchy Canoli

Oh La La

If you love something so much that you become an expert in it, sharing that knowledge is a public service, especially when it comes to cannabis. Frenchy Cannoli could have easily taken what he knew and focused on making money off of it, but he didn’t. Instead, he offered workshops and seminars on hash-making techniques. For those who couldn’t attend, he put the information on his YouTube channel. 

Au revoir mon ami

On Monday, July 18, 2021, Frenchy Cannoli passed away from complications from surgery. We had the pleasure of connecting with him over the years. Always a pleasure to speak with, here’s a look back at an interview with Frenchy Cannoli and Craig Ex of Expert Joints.

Friendly, kind, and humble, the loss of Cannoli is a heavy blow for the cannabis community. The man dedicated his life to hash and made a significant positive impact in the cannabis community. Although he is no longer with us, he left a legacy that will live on for generations to come. 

Craig and Frenchy Cannoli

On behalf of everyone here at the Cannabis Life Network, we would like to express our deep respect for Frenchy Cannoli and offer sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed.