Emerald Cup 2018
The Emerald Cup 2018 in Northern California

The Emerald Cup 2018 Recap with Expert Joints

Check out Craig Ex at the 2018 Emerald Cup at the beautiful Sonoma County Fairgrounds in North California.

It’s the Emerald Cup’s 15th annual edition and Craig Ex is a regular now, and really, what goes better together than Cali and cannabis? Add the Expert of Expert Joints himself and you know you’re getting into some well put together shenanigans.

The Emerald Cup is one of the biggest events in cannabis each year, and it brings out so many people you’ll never know who you’ll see next.

From rappers to growers and everything in between, the Emerald Cup is a celebration of the culture. Craig talks to everyone from Emerald Cup founder Tim Blake, who started it in a backyard BBQ and has seen it grow into a renowned event that attracts a crowd of over 20,000 cannabis connoisseurs

Watch Craig getting legally stoned in California with Berner, the rapper behind the coveted “Cookies” brand.

Jonah from Dabstars says the Emerald Cup “has always been like cannabis’ birthday party” and now the celebration can truly take place openly, which is a great thing.

Among the headliners were the cult classic and stoner heroes Jay and Silent Bob who’ve got a line of pre-rolls called “Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash” as they chilled at the Emerald Cup and recorded one of their popular podcasts live.

Craig then bumps into Greg from Cannabiscapes who creates art with cannabis on canvas.


Next, Craig says hi to CustomGrow420, one of the biggest cannabis YouTubers with over 1.6 million subscribers. Then there’s Scott Martin, equipped with a leaf blower full of weed that he calls the Kush Cannon. Watch him light it up and get everyone in the crowd high.

It’s full of cannabis who’s who’s, from Frenchy Cannoli to Trippy Treez, Craig also checks out Canna Mechanical’s grow rooms before running into the guys behind Leef Organics, and so many more.

From old to new friends, the Emerald Cup is always amazing and we can’t wait for next year!

Also make sure to check out the footage from past Emerald Cups– he’s talked to everyone from Bob Marley’s son, Damian Marley, the rapper Berner, and so many more.