Vancouver Peacefully Assemble For Cannabis Protest
Vancouver Four Twenty Protest with hundred's of thousands from across Canada.

420 Vancouver 2021 is upon us and the party is happening at home. This isn’t a big shock because after all, we stoners are a responsible bunch. Smoking weed can get you coughing; plus, if you can get baked enough to mess up the rotation, you’ll get baked enough to pass a joint when you shouldn’t. We know this, man. Most of the cannabis community has just resigned themselves to the fact that 420 events are a thing of the past… but what a piece of history. 

Looking back on it now, the events seem like a green rush fever dream, and the ultimate party was 420 post-legalization. 420 Vancouver 2019 was like a city-wide coming-out party for cannabis and CLN has got the footage. Hosted by Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints and Piper Courtenay, the cannabis editor at Straight Cannabis and the Georgia Straight, 420 Vancouver celebrated its 25 anniversary with an epic pot party. 

It was a beautiful day on Sunset beach and over 100,000 people showed up to smoke up. The event kicked off with a killer opening set from Vancouver-based group, Snotty Nose Rez Kids and that was only the beginning. After hearing from keynote speakers like cannabis activist, Dana Larsen, the crowd was treated to a free surprise concert from hip hop legends, Cypress Hill. 

Remember when the Vancouver Park Board tried to cancel Cypress Hill?

Believe it or not, not everyone was stoked about the musical performance. Leading up to 420 Vancouver 2019, Vancouver Park Board commissioner John Coupar pushed for an emergency motion to cancel Cypress Hill. Why? He was afraid that the event was going to get too big and go out of control. Luckily, Cypress Hill showed up and rocked the huge crowd.

Lift your spirits because 420 is almost here. In honor of the festivities and those who have helped us celebrate in the past, here is a 420 word game. To all of you celebrating, we here at the Cannabis Life Network would like to wish you a very Happy 420.

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Were you at Sunset Beach for 420 Vancouver 2019? What was your favorite part of the event? Have you got any good stories to share? Please comment below!