420 Vancouver 2019 Free Concert: Cypress Hill speaks on attempts to shut down

Cypress Hill, the legendary hiphop group that’s headlining 420 Vancouver 2019, has been causing a lot of buzz in the city and the Vancouver Park Board is trying to stop them from performing.

Unlike the Vancouver Park Board, the Hollywood Walk of Fame recognized these hiphop legends, giving Cypress Hill its very own star on Hollywood Boulevard.

TMZ caught up with Cypress Hill to ask them how it felt about being the first Latino American hiphop group to get their own star,and if the free concert at 420 Vancouver will proceed as planned, despite the efforts of the Vancouver Park Board to shut it down.

Transcript below. Edited for length and clarity.

TMZ: What went through your head when you heard you were going to get this honour?

Sen Dog: It’s something you never expect to happen. We expect to sell gold or platinum records but we never expected this to happen to us. I was blown away and surprised.

B Real: We used to walk these streets as young men looking at all these stars coming up as we were in the hiphop culture as b-boys and eventually rappers and djs and stuff like that. It’s an honour.

TMZ: Obviously you guys are legends. What do you think of this Vancouver Park Board trying to cancel your 420 concert?

B Real: It is what it is. Throughout our career we’ve faced those kinds of obstacles and still today you see that we do but we still keep pushing on.

TMZ: After 30 years, you guys are getting a star today, is it still necessary to try and cancel a concert?

What’s going to happen, are you guys going to go through with it?

Sen Dog: Of course.

B Real: Most likely.

TMZ: Now that weed is largely legal do you think 420 is becoming overrated as a holiday?

B Real: It’s not overrated, it’s just becoming more. It started very small and now it’s celebrated everywhere. Even overseas, which at first didn’t get why we’d celebrate a stoner holiday- now they celebrate. It’s great to see people celebrating it everywhere.

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Featured image courtesy of NME.