420 vancouver
Craig Ex of Expert Joints and Piper Courtney from The Georgia Straight cover the 25th Annual 420 Vancouver with help from friends at Pot.tv and Cannabis Life Network. Join us live from Sunset Bech April 20, 2019 starting at noon PT for 7 hours.

Get ready for a historic 420 Vancouver 2019!

Apr. 20 is less than three weeks away, and the 420 Vancouver team is already working hard behind the scenes to bring you one of the biggest 420 gatherings you have ever seen. Despite what you may have heard in the media, 420 Vancouver isn’t going anywhere- it’s still happening at Sunset Beach, its home since 2016, and it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Not only will this year’s 420 Vancouver mark the first 420 event since Canada “legalized” cannabis back in 2018, it’s historic for another reason as 2019 is the 25th anniversary of 420 Vancouver, making it the world’s longest running 420 event, and to celebrate, headliner Cypress Hill, groundbreaking figures from the cannabis legalization movement, and a massive farmer’s market where you can find all the cannabis-related goodies that your heart desires.

This year, Cannabis Life Network will again be presenting the 420 live feed on YouTube, an all-day broadcast that kicks off at 12 in the afternoon and runs until 7pm, with help from our friends at Pot TV and Cannabis Culture. Special thanks go to WEEDS Glass and Gifts and The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, the official broadcast sponsors.

Hosting it is Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints and Piper Courtenay, the cannabis editor at the Georgia Straight. The setup for this year features in-camera integration with the livestream, meaning you’ll be able to see everything from what’s happening backstage to up on the big screen, putting you in the center of the action and guaranteeing there will never be a dull moment.

And for those of you wondering if 420 has lost its edge in the wake of legalization, make no mistake, 420 Vancouver still has its outlaw card as many aspects of it, like the sale of “unlicensed cannabis” and the mere existence of cannabis edibles, are still very much illegal- just as real is the stigma around cannabis, as evidenced by the Vancouver Park Board’s continual efforts to shut 420 Vancouver down and get it out of the city.

For the people saying that 420 Vancouver is irrelevant now that cannabis is legal- there’s still a lot to protest, not the least being the blatant crony capitalism that has suffocated any hope for a free and  legal cannabis market, and the fact that in many ways, access to cannabis has gotten worse since it was legalized as dispensary after dispensary shut down voluntarily, only to never re-open again.

Can’t wait until 420? In the meantime, you can hype yourself up and relive some of your favourite moments from events past, like when Craig Ex met Raekwon.

Post-420, if want to relive your favourite moments from 2019’s epic celebration, check out the High Times app (available on Android and iOS), CLN, Expert Joints, and Pot Tv.

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