Budtrader Ball 420 (April 20th): Downtown LA will be “Greatest Show on Earth”

Budtrader, the medical marijuana marketplace and social media platform, is promising that its 3rd annual Budtrader Ball on April 20th will be the greatest show not just on cannabis, but on earth. Those are high expectations to live up to, but considering this year’s venue is the Wisdome Art Park in downtown Los Angeles, the Budtrader Ball could very well live up to the hype.

That’s because Wisdome, which bills itself as the “world’s first fully immersive entertainment art park”, has the groundbreaking technology to pull it off.

BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin is extremely excited about the event, saying:

“The 3rd annual BudTrader Ball, on 4/20/2019, will be the Greatest Show on Earth! 100 percent!

We’re creating a Virtual Reality Cannabis Musical Experience. It’s never been done before. BudTrader and the 3rd annual BudTrader Ball is proof that Cannabis has gone ‘HIGH TECH’ (no pun intended).”

The Budtrader Ball will be using all 5 of Wisdome’s rooms and will be taking full advantage of the venue’s virtual reality, 360 audio, and 360 projection mapping capabilities.

The black-tie event in Southern California attracts VIP’s of the cannabis industry, and this being downtown LA, you’ll have a chance to see celebrities from the world of sports, music, media, entertainment, and business.

Hosted by retired basketball player John Salley,

DJ Lord, who is a member of Prophets of Rage and Public Enemy, is headlining the Budtrader Ball, bringing the old school style and turntables along with a slew of other performers like Dylan Meeks from Imagine Dragons, Slim 400, and Alec King, among others.

One of the biggest takeaways from the Budtrader Ball are their swag bags. Valued at over $500, each and every attendee will receive one of these bags filled to the brim with the latest and best of the cannabis industry.

As Budtrader’s CEO put it:

“The BudTrader Ball (and swag bag) has become the place where brands want to be to get noticed by the media, the public and cannabis investors.

Check out the official commercial below.

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